The FBI Knows, but Refuses to Identify, J6 Pipe Bomb Prime Suspect

The Federalist

The FBI is continuing to stonewall congressional oversight of the agency’s investigation into a pair of pipe bombs found at the Democrat National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters on Jan. 6, 2021.

On Wednesday, House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee re-upped demands for a comprehensive briefing on the two-year-old case over which the FBI has refused transparency.

“Your failure to comply with our request is particularly concerning given recent media reports regarding the pipe bomb investigation,” lawmakers wrote.

Earlier this month, an FBI whistleblower told the Washington Times the FBI identified the vehicle the suspect entered shortly after planting the bombs but has not pursued the individual.

“The FBI had surveillance video that showed the person entering a car with a visible license plate after exiting a Metro stop in Northern Virginia,” the Times reported.

Kyle Seraphin, a former FBI agent who worked on the case, told the paper that the agency “tied whoever the person was that dropped the bombs with [surveillance] cameras all the way through the train and getting into a car with that license plate.” Seraphin also told the Washington Times that the two bombs were inoperable.

“One former FBI assistant director observed, ‘[i]t just doesn’t add up … there’s just too much to work with to not know who this guy is,’” the Judiciary Republicans wrote.

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6 Responses to The FBI Knows, but Refuses to Identify, J6 Pipe Bomb Prime Suspect

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    Wanna bet whoever it was, it will blow the lid off of this administration? Had this been a Republican or a Conservative, we would have known all about them by now, and they would be in Guantanamo.

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  2. Reflection says:

    Add this to the list: Evidence of co-ordination of activity to incite unrest by person or persons unnamed:

    A total of 11,000 hours of combined video from January 6? Extraordinary.


  3. Reflection says:

    11,000 hours of video. Extraordinary.

    Evidence of coordination to incite unrest by person or persons unknown?


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