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Seen on social media – death panels

Remember when we were pooh-poohed for suggesting that death panels would be a part of nationalized medicine? I don't think there is a word in the English language that fully encapsulates just how evil this is. — Kyle Kashuv … Continue reading

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Oldie but goodie – Milton Friedman schools Phil Donahue

Dave Rubin brings back this great tv moment.

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Seen on social media – Patriotism!

Just so you know – I’m never gonna shut up! Just so you know – social media can ban me, banks can cancel me, and the communist Biden regime can frame me and arrest me – But I’m never gonna … Continue reading

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The Flame Thrower

The constant use of the term “democracy” to describe the United States of America isn’t an accident or a mistake. It is intentionally misleading, especially for those who don’t understand that our country is a Republic. It goes hand in … Continue reading

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Neil Oliver: ‘Don’t be fooled into thinking this disaster movie is coming to an end’

Neil tells the depressing truth. I thought I would never say this, but it is probably good that my time on earth is winding down. I only feel sadness for the friends and family I will leave behind. I once … Continue reading

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