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I Lived on Parker Avenue – A Short Adoption Documentary

I wept watching this story, but it is a happy one! Adopted at birth and raised in Louisiana, David Scotton is on a journey to Indiana to meet the birth parents he’s never known. His tattooed birth mother, Melissa, and … Continue reading

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Seen on social media: the abortion argument continues

In case you didn’t see it yet, Stacey Abrams (the loser Dem candidate for governor in Georgia) just said that babies in the womb don’t have beating hearts, and the doctors fake the heartbeat in ultrasounds. The latest lie on … Continue reading

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Mother of 10-year-old rape victim in ‘relationship’ with her rapist

I wondered about this, because the mother had stated that he was innocent when he was arrested. TOWNHALL Telemundo found and interviewed the girl’s mother, who says that her daughter is “fine” and that everything said about her rapist is … Continue reading

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More from Tucker and Victor Davis Hanson – details about 10-yr old Ohio rape victim

First, the child could have legally obtained an abortion in Ohio. Why was she taken to Indiana? Was it because the abortion was delayed until it was just past the six-week limit on the Ohio heartbeat law? Second, the rapist … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – post-Roe Senate Judiciary Committee meeting

A snapshot from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Post-Roe America: Sen. Mike Lee to Chairman Dick Durbin: “I ask unanimous consent to submit for the record, a copy of a letter that you wrote on August 4 1989.” Durbin: … Continue reading

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Biden signs executive order protecting abortion access

I hate to post this video; Biden lies and lies about the economy in the beginning. Then he goes on to his protection of abortion. He claims that the SCOTUS decision was not driven by the Constitution. That’s a lie. … Continue reading

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A true evaluation of the Supreme Court

Before I present the contents of a very good article about the two opposing views on the Supreme Court, I have a story to tell. This morning I received an email from my Congressional Representative, Andy Levin (yes, he is … Continue reading

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What BLM SHOULD mean . . .

It is obvious that poor – particularly black – communities are targeted by abortion clinics, and those who favor legalized abortion at any stage of pregnancy. More and more blacks recognize this truth.

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The truth about abortion laws and prosecution of women

If you participate in social media, you will see many claims like this one by those who are upset about the SCOTUS Dobbs decision that overturned Roe and Casey: I wonder how the 55 percent of white women who voted … Continue reading

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The Constitution and Federalism

The leftists and most media sources are deliberately misleading the public about recent Supreme Court decisions, casting them as political actions, and concentrating on the subject (such as abortion, or climate change) rather than reasons behind the decisions. The decisions … Continue reading

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