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Tucker Carlson: It’s hard to believe this is happening

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Sean Hannity interviews President Trump about the Mar-a-Lago raid

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Tucker Carlson : Whistleblower makes new Jan. 6 allegations against FBI

Tucker interviews Jim Jordan regarding the FBI whistleblower’s claims.

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Judge denies stay, appoints special master, denying DOJ access to classified records

The Hill A federal judge on Thursday denied the Justice Department’s motion to access the classified records stored at Mar-a-Lago and installed a recently retired judge to serve as the special master former President Trump requested. The duo of orders … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reads Off List of Trump Allies Subpoenaed by Biden Regime and Merrick Garland’s DOJ in Ongoing Political Purge

We have been wondering who was targeted this time. Now we know.

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Ep. 128: Trump, Bannon, Lorenz, Hunter, Queen, Gavin, Rumble & MORE! Viva & Barnes LIVE!

Link at Rumble:  

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Court order: a special master appointed to review the material from the Mar-a-Lago raid

Fox News A federal judge ordered Monday that an independent special master be appointed to review the records seized by the FBI during its raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and ordered the Justice Department stop its own review … Continue reading

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Ep. 127: Trump’s EMPTY FOLDERS! Biden Speech; Zuck LOSES; Louden; Danchenko & MORE! Viva & Barnes!

Begins at 7:00 pm ET

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Richard Grenell: Whoever took the picture of classified documents and approved the release to the media needs to be fired

Steve Bannon welcomes Ric Grenell (former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI)) to War Room. Grenell expresses his opinions regarding the latest news about the Mar-a-Lago raid and related legal wrangling. The FBI/DOJ attempted framing of Donald Trump.

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What do we know about FBI Agent Timothy Thibault?

Media outlets are reporting that Tim Thibault — FBI Washington Field Office Assistant Special Agent in Charge — was escorted from bureau premises on Friday. At least one source says that the removal of Thibault is the result of whistleblower … Continue reading

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