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“No Regrets” Bidens

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Twitter Files

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Interview with Journalist Glenn Greenwald – from 9/11 to Covid – Viva Frei

Incredibly interesting interview, in my opinion. Covers the NSA/Edward Snowden events, Brazilian politics, Twitter files. Government corruption, intelligence surveillance of American citizens . . .

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Violence is Silence

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All Wired In

And that is not an exaggeration!

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Twitter Claus

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FBI paid Twitter for their censorship efforts – $3.4 million dollars

U.S. taxpayer dollars, $3.4 million of them, were paid to Twitter employees to prevent U.S. citizens from knowing the truth about the Biden family influence selling operations. Will anyone be held accountable for this? Will most of the public ever … Continue reading

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Agent testifies that the FBI met weekly with Big Tech ahead of the 2020 election

It is increasingly clear that the federal government, particularly the FBI, was directly responsible for social media suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 Presidential election. It seems obvious that this effort was to protect Joe … Continue reading

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ABC News Reporter missing after FBI raid

James Gordon Meek, an ABC national security reporter, is missing since April, after an FBI raid on his apartment, during which his laptop was seized. He lived near Washington, DC. NEW YORK POST

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