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FBI Sent To Tom Fitton’s House!

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FBI to deliver Biden doc to Capitol Hill after Comer’s threat to Director Wray

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Top Fiction

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The FBI Knows, but Refuses to Identify, J6 Pipe Bomb Prime Suspect

The Federalist The FBI is continuing to stonewall congressional oversight of the agency’s investigation into a pair of pipe bombs found at the Democrat National Committee and Republican National Committee headquarters on Jan. 6, 2021. On Wednesday, House Republicans on … Continue reading

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Body Language: FBI Whistleblowers Testify

The hostility, cruelty and stupidity displayed by the Democrat members of Congress disgust me. These men have suffered because they were brave enough to disclose the illegal and/or partisan behavior by the leaders of the FBI. They were punished by … Continue reading

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Wicked Witch vs Trump

Except Trump is neither a scarecrow nor a strawman. Hillary, however, is a witch.

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FBI Whistleblowers Speak Out: ‘I Sacrificed My Dream Job To Share This With The American People’

Of course Democrats and the leftist media, like the NYT and Daily Beast, are doing everything they can to attack the whistleblowers and the GOP, even going so far as to say that they are being paid by a Trump … Continue reading

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The Hearing Impaired

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James Comer: Informant on Biden Family Crimes Has Gone Missing – FBI Won’t Look Into This

If only there would be some result of this investigation – like somebody going to jail – but I doubt that sincerely. It’s more talk, but no action.

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The Shadow Knows

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