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Tucker: This is an effort to degrade the country

Be sure NOT to miss the video of Joe Biden from 2006. It is at about 8:30.

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Seen on social media – child indoctrination

We have to watch them every minute. Home schooling is the best bet.

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Why Are LGBTQ Properties Bombing?

Really excellent article. The author’s main point is that most people in our country aren’t either left or right wing, but centrist, and if they aren’t interested in the latest Woke movie or television program, they don’t protest – they … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – why don’t they use their elbows?

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Ep. 107: Lawts of Law! Maxwell, Whitmer, Facebook, Hunter & MORE! Viva & Barnes LIVE!

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This is not a joke – Biden on transgenderism

This makes me sick to my stomach. By the way, did you know that we have a Transgender Day of Visibility. According to PBS: President Biden commemorated Transgender Day of Visibility by announcing a number of changes to make the … Continue reading

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