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Push comes to shove

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Hide The Crimes! Words Of Tucker

We live among sick and evil people. Makes me wonder if they have made pacts with the devil: Get rich, but spread this sickness through our society. Evil is real. The devil is real. This was originally broadcast last November. … Continue reading

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We Have Had Enough! Have You? Words Of Tucker

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Words Of Tucker: Your Opinion Matters! Do Not Forget That!

Another past video opinion piece from Tucker, discussing problems that we all recognize.

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Twitter pick – tranny gets the jab!

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War on real women

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Bud Light in CYA mode . . .

The solution was obvious . . . There are plenty of good beers in this world. Also plenty of people who would be willing to take her job. Bloomberg A senior marketing executive at Bud Light has taken a leave … Continue reading

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Budweiser “sucks up” to regain market share

We have all loved Bud commercials in the past, and can continue to do so. We just know now that they don’t really mean it. Here’s Fox’s report about it: Here’s the full one-minute ad:

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Day of Vengeance

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Today’s Twitter pick – Trains visibility day

I've been informed that it is not, in fact, TRAINS visibility day. I regret the error. — Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) March 31, 2023

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