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Tucker: The climate cult has grown stronger

The climate religion, as described by Michael Crichton. Too bad he isn’t still around! The climate cult sometimes reminds me of the military-industrial complex. Somebody always profits while drinking from the public teat.

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Do bugs go with ketchup?

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Is food insecurity intentional?

It seems to be. Disruption of energy results in disruption of fertilizers and food distribution. In some countries, government policies are blocking food production. Add to that the uptick in destruction of food facilities, and killing of chickens because (supposedly) … Continue reading

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Bug food: EU Gives Green Light for Use of Two Insect Species in Human Food

According to Breitbart, processed forms of crickets and mealworms have been, or soon will be, approved for human consumption in the EU. So far, at least, the EU is saying that it is up to the consumer to decide whether … Continue reading

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Good question – what are the answers?

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I will never eat bug meat.

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Tucker Carlson: This is hilariously idiotic

Tucker is right. It is idiotic, and his monologue made me laugh out loud.

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Seen on social media – This is the goal of the NWO

Everything that the left is pushing will help to meet the goal of reducing the human population. Think about it: puberty blockers, abortion, hysterectomies on young teen girls, gender reassignment of young men. Ending life, or permanently preventing it. Then … Continue reading

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Neil Oliver, and the loss of trust

Once trust is broken, it can never be whole again. ‘…our relationship with authority has become abusive…’

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1981 movie predicts the future: Early Warning

Sound familiar? By the way, the full movie is available on YouTube. It is an “end of days” movie, the acting isn’t very good, and it is a typical 1980’s era sci-fi style film, but the predictions don’t seem like … Continue reading

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