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Hobson’s choice? **

**The term “Hobson’s choice” is often used to mean an illusion of choice, but it is not a choice between two equivalent options, which is a Morton’s fork, nor is it a choice between two undesirable options, which is a dilemma. Hobson’s … Continue reading

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House Republicans Detail ‘New Information’ About Biden Family ‘Shady Business Deals’

This Second Bank Records Memorandum expands on information the Committee recently received from subpoena returns and, additionally, serves as a response to misinformation spread by the President, Minority Members, and their allies regarding the contents of the First Bank Records … Continue reading

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US secret docs leaked on social media

More than 100 classified documents detailing U.S. national security secrets have been leaked on social media, alarming the Pentagon and adding turmoil to a situation that seemed to have caught the Biden administration off guard. Analysts say more than 100 … Continue reading

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Day of Vengeance

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Tucker: This is spectacularly absurd!

When did the climate alarmists switch from the New Ice Age to Global Warming to Climate Change? Tucker lays it all out.

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Today’s Twitter Pick – the death culture

They want to kill babies, and now they want to murder pro-life Republican politicians. This woman always was, and still is, a twisted sister. Jane Fonda just went on the View and said Pro-Life politicians need to be "murdered" because … Continue reading

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Exit interview

Nice touch with the blood spatters on the wall.

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History of the China virus. Tucker: This is an outrage

Remember when China let the leather workers return to Italy, when they knew that the Corona virus was already wild in their general population?

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‘Libs of TikTok’ exposes sexualization of our children – pornography in school

She asks, “Why do they want our kids to read pornography? It’s creepy”. Yes, it is.

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