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Rudy Previews UNRELEASED Info From Hunter’s Hard Drive, Claims ‘You Will Be Absolutely Convinced…’

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The BIDEN CRIME FAMILY’S Payoff Scheme | Rudy Giuliani’s EXCLUSIVE Reaction

Very interesting. Rudy Giuliani discusses what occurred with the Biden family and foreign interests.

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Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

In case you missed this story (published in the New York Post), here it is. Of course, the Bidens are either not talking or blaming the Russians: Hunter Biden’s lawyer refused to comment on the specifics but instead attacked Giuliani. … Continue reading

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General Flynn’s Attorneys Reveal Judge Sullivan CORRUPTION? Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT

Segment from last night’s live stream.

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Flynn’s BLISTERING Motion for Sullivan’s RECUSAL – Lawyer Explains – Viva Frei Vlawg

As he says, the chance that this will result in Judge Sullivan recusing himself from the Flynn case is nil. However, there is new information about the case that this motion brings to public attention – which is its intent. … Continue reading

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Latest stories about vote fraud …

Just reporting! Virginia … JUST IN: Virginia officials fear ballots lost after thefts at post offices — The Washington Times (@WashTimes) October 5, 2020 Virginia election officials were begging for the public’s help Monday to try to figure … Continue reading

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Josh Hawley expertly grills former FBI Director, James Comey 09/30/20

If you didn’t watch all of the hearing this morning, you probably missed this exchange. I know that I did. It’s an expert take-down of a slimy crook, and worth a listen!

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Live: James Comey testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on “Oversight of the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.”

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Bartiromo: Durham Report Before Election Unlikely

Here is the entire show from this morning. The lead is right at the beginning.

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SPYGATE – An Overview of Government Corruption – Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT

If you are confused by, or don’t fully understand the charges against FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, FISA warrants and Carter Page, and how this all works in Washington, I think you will enjoy this discussion between Viva Frei and Barnes … Continue reading

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