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Huge Internet Ruling by Supreme Court

What do you think?

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Gonzalez vs Google: SCOTUS will hear a challenge to Section 230 protections

The results of this Supreme Court case could result in significant changes to what we see on the internet. This case is the first one that the Supreme Court will hear regarding Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act. … Continue reading

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Vox editor posts “pre-written obituary” for Justice Alito

Vox ‘s Ian Millhiser tweeted and deleted a pre-written obituary for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on Tuesday morning. Although it is common practice for news organizations to write obituaries for public figures prior to their death, this incitement to … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – post-Roe Senate Judiciary Committee meeting

A snapshot from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Post-Roe America: Sen. Mike Lee to Chairman Dick Durbin: “I ask unanimous consent to submit for the record, a copy of a letter that you wrote on August 4 1989.” Durbin: … Continue reading

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Viva & Barnes LIVE Ep. 119: Shinzo Abe; Canadian Tyranny; Amber Heard SUED; Biden Troubles; SCOTUS Fallout AND MORE!

Beyond a huge week. Beyond Yuge… Double Secret Super Duper Yuge!

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Biden signs executive order protecting abortion access

I hate to post this video; Biden lies and lies about the economy in the beginning. Then he goes on to his protection of abortion. He claims that the SCOTUS decision was not driven by the Constitution. That’s a lie. … Continue reading

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A true evaluation of the Supreme Court

Before I present the contents of a very good article about the two opposing views on the Supreme Court, I have a story to tell. This morning I received an email from my Congressional Representative, Andy Levin (yes, he is … Continue reading

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Truly speaking truth to power!

I don’t know who this woman is, but I am going to follow her. She puts into words what we all are thinking. Bless her!

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The Constitution and Federalism

The leftists and most media sources are deliberately misleading the public about recent Supreme Court decisions, casting them as political actions, and concentrating on the subject (such as abortion, or climate change) rather than reasons behind the decisions. The decisions … Continue reading

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More good news: Supreme Court curtails EPA’s authority

The Supreme Court rules that the EPA does not have unlimited powers to make rules in accordance with THEIR interpretation of legislation. If new rules are required, the legislature should pass new laws. It is a curtailment of the executive … Continue reading

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