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118th Congressional rules. What do they mean?

There is a vote today on the House rules that will be followed under the Republican majority, and Speaker McCarthy. What does that mean to us? As far as I can tell, the Republicans plan to return the House to … Continue reading

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Ingraham: Republicans are going to cave on another huge issue

Again we are disappointed by the GOP.

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More good news: Supreme Court curtails EPA’s authority

The Supreme Court rules that the EPA does not have unlimited powers to make rules in accordance with THEIR interpretation of legislation. If new rules are required, the legislature should pass new laws. It is a curtailment of the executive … Continue reading

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Betrayal by GOP Senators, led by Lindsey Graham

He lied. He voted for extreme gun control measures.

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Feb. 22 Ottawa Protest UPDATES! Bail Denied? Senate to Vote & MORE! Viva Frei LIVE!

Begins at 7:00 pm ET. Viva: The latest and whatever insights and info I can offer.

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Ottawa Emergencies Act Vote LIVE STREAM! Tyranny or Democracy for Canada?

This is the biggest night for the future of Canada. Live at 7:00 pm ET

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Democrat fraud in Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ programs

Although it seems as if the Dems are paring back the cost of their recent legislative bills, it is a sham hidden by legislative gimmicks. They have been battling against Senators Sinema and Manchin and appear to be buckling under, … Continue reading

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Harassment of Sinema funded by lefty billionaires – harassers don’t even live in her state!

That’s right (I’ll bet you’re shocked)! Harassment of Senator Sinema isn’t a spontaneous outpouring by her constituents. At least one of them lives thousands of miles away in Maryland and is a known activist. Daniel Greenfield reports. Front Page Mag … Continue reading

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Twitter pick #2 – abortion isn’t Women’s Health Protection!

We need more people like Marjorie Taylor Greene in Congress! WASHINGTON, DC— Rep. @mtgreenee confronts lawmakers, including @RepDebDingell shortly after House passed “The Women's Health Protection Act”. “Killing a baby up until birth is a lack of civility. It’s called … Continue reading

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Good News! Iron Dome funding passes the House

Funding of the Iron Dome passed today with an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives. RED STATE By an overwhelming majority, the House voted to fund the Israeli Iron Dome today, a defensive system that protects against Palestinian rocket … Continue reading

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