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Today In History – America The Beautiful On this day in 1893, a professor stands atop Pikes Peak. She is struck by the beauty around her and is inspired to write a poem. Her poem is later set to music. Today, we all know that song … Continue reading

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A Lesson From David the Duck

This is a favorite photo that I found years ago, and that I (and Sundance) have used in posts from time to time. The poem seems to fit!

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Celebration of Summer in Verse

I really love summer, especially the earliest part, and I know that I’m not alone. The grass is green, the trees and flowers are blooming, birds are singing, bugs are buzzing. And a favorite poem that reminds me of these … Continue reading

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My Spring

In the cold North, Spring comes in gradually.  Maybe it is because Winter is overstaying its time, and I watch more carefully to spot Spring’s coming, but every year I notice the small things that tell me that we are … Continue reading

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Christmas Verse

There have been so many poems and songs written for the Christmas season, both religious and secular, that the difficult part about this post is choosing what to include! We first acknowledge that the reason we celebrate Christmas is to … Continue reading

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Countdown to Christmas – Lights, Music, and Poetry

This is the place to share your Christmas cheer! Here is my first entry: Enjoy!

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Poetry – The Beauty Of Language

This was the first post I published for Stella’s Place, on November 13, 2015. Happy Birthday to us! Enjoy!  What is the purpose of poetry?  Why do we write in verse, when we could say directly what we have to … Continue reading

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