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Charles Krauthammer, conservative commentator and Pulitzer Prize winner, dead at 68

Fox News harles Krauthammer, a longtime Fox News contributor, Pulitzer Prize winner, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and best-selling author who came to be known as the dean of conservative commentators, has died. He was 68. His death had been expected after he … Continue reading

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The furor over DHS/HHS treatment of children

There’s been a lot of heat but very little light the past couple of days because – the children!!!!! I’m sure you have all seen the photos of children in “cages”, or chain link holding facilities. Here’s one from four … Continue reading

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Talking about the cult of Trump (or Obama)

A new meme among Dems and Never Trumpers is that supporters of President Trump are cultists. Among those who say this is Senator Bob Corker: Bob Corker: GOP is like a cult for Trump — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) … Continue reading

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