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I’ve been wondering if this would happen. In other words, as is usually the case, candidates promise but are inevitably a disappointment. Biden appears to have done this in record time. Why voters would think that Joe Biden will be … Continue reading

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New calls for censorship of media …

Explain to me what is the OANN and NewsMax PROBLEM? (see tweet, below) Next on the agenda is censorship of conservative television and radio news outlets. There are even renewed calls for restoration and extension of the Fairness Doctrine which, … Continue reading

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Gab’s response to the ADL

    Apparently CNN contacted GAB regarding allegations made by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) in an open letter to the Department of Justice, which calls for a criminal investigation of GAB.  Here is a link to the ADL letter, which … Continue reading

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President Trump’s speech, January 6, 2021

This is the speech that opponents of Donald Trump are saying incited his followers to riot. I’ve read it, and I can’t see anything that does that. On the contrary, he calls for them to “peacefully and patriotically make your … Continue reading

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Dave Rubin: Censorship by social media, airlines etc.

This is disgusting. I’m still shocked, even though I suppose I shouldn’t be. Being put on a “no fly list” because you are a journalist reporting on January 6?

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My choice for today’s political cartoon …

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#CNNTapes: CNN’s 9 AM Calls …

In case you haven’t seen coverage of these tapes made by Project Veritas of CNN’s 9 am calls, here are the first ones that O’Keefe has released:

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They’re in too deep now… | Greg Kelly

Arrogant bureaucrats, and gullible reporters: They’re all in way too deep at this point, says Greg Kelly.

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Quote of the day …

The job of the media is to cover stories. With a pillow. Until they stop moving. – Iowahawk  

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My video pick of the day

I think you’ll enjoy this (besides some profanity.)

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