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PJ: The Right to Do as You Damn Well Please, and the Duty to Take the Consequences

Bill Whittle and crew talk about PJ O’Rourke, who died this month from complications of lung cancer. He was 74. “Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys,” O’Rourke famously wrote in … Continue reading

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Is it a good idea? Never-used, little-known tool to shackle federal government

Not likely to happen soon, since we need quite a few more states to join. Here is what Whittle and crew think about it. If you are interested in learning more, go here to download the Article V pocket guide: … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: Scarred for life

How have we arrived here? How has something that we loved become something we fear and despise?

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Today’s Edith Wilson – or worse?

Edith Wilson took over when President Wilson was incapacitated by a stroke, and the American people had no idea at the time. Is Jill Biden making decisions for her husband in order to create a negative public opinion of Kamala … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: ASPERGER’S ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: What If Cancel Culture Fascists Have a Clinical Condition?

Interesting – and terrifying. What if the cancel culture Progressives are not malevolent fascists, but merely following an internal, compulsive drive? What if they’re building a house of cards and they see us as a gale-force obstacle to their success? … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: Clues from the Mural Mystery: Understanding the Black Death That’s Killing Our Society

He isn’t talking about Covid.

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OLD AND USELESS: How Gov. Andrew Cuomo Views People Like My Mom

Bill Whittle talks about the value of human life and how two governors – Cuomo of New York and DeSantis  of Florida – treated the elderly in their states during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill’s mother got good treatment because she … Continue reading

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Tribute to the “Buff”

… and it’s glorious future!

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Bill Whittle – Lashed to the Mast

Bill has been on a roll lately, and he has been thinking about some of the things we might do to turn the Titanic around. What do you think about his suggestions here? Lots of people have been suggesting that … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: Little People

This is really good, old-time, Bill Whittle. It is SO MUCH worth your time to listen to what he is saying here, and I think you will feel better after you do. At least, it made me feel proud to … Continue reading

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