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Black Lives Matter Kills People

The facts in this video are still true.

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Dad, how do I? – a “dad” steps up

This is a pretty amazing story. Consider it my “Good News” offering for the day. I am a great proponent of the idea of YouTube and all of the things you can learn there about just about anything. I learned … Continue reading

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Pop President: What Donald Trump Gets That Ronald Reagan Could Not

I have always liked Bill Whittle, and he is especially good at is explaining the big picture. Frankly, I don’t admire his recent alliance with Steve Green and Scott Ott, because I believe his particular genius is watered down. This … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle: Hong Kong Hangs Tough!

Five Demands, Not One Less: Hong Kong Chief Lam Concedes Too Little, Too Late

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Busted by Justice Report, James Comey Still Thinks He’s an FBI Hero

Is James Comey a psychopath? Is James Comey a malignant narcissist? Bill Whittle offers his opinion.

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Twisted and Mad: What’s the Antidote to Our Debauched and Disturbing ‘Leaders’?

Yup. The only thing holding up the world at this point is the thoughtless routine and naive virtue of the working stiff. All the things the world weary revile: customary honesty, religion, family sustain our life. As for our "world … Continue reading

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New gun control laws?

Lots floating around this week. Here are a couple of videos expressing opinions about proposed and existing laws.

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Buzz Gives A Secret Thanks While On The Moon

The first liquid ever poured on the moon was wine. It was consumed by Buzz Aldrin, along with a consecrated wafer, in Holy Communion.

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The Eagle Has Landed

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Apollo 11: What We Saw | Part 2 – The Clock is Running and We’re Underway!

Don’t miss this series – it’s long but very good and well worth your time.

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