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Tucker: This is malicious

From last night’s broadcast.

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Tucker: This video shatters the left’s narrative about January 6

The left will be up in arms again, I’ll bet.

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Pushback where we least expect it – from the left

The past year has been interspersed by incidents of notable leftists/liberals questioning media dogma and D.C. pronouncements on a variety of topics such as Covid government mandates, gender “education” of children and, more lately, the January 6 so-called “insurrection”. These … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter pick – J6 prisoners & Donald Trump

H/T WeeWeed! #1 on iTunes, thank you! #J6PC — il Donaldo Trumpo (@PapiTrumpo) March 11, 2023

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‘QAnon Shaman’s’ lawyer speaks out after Jan. 6 bombshell footage released

More of Tucker on the J6 tapes.

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Tucker Carlson: Here is the truth

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When Lies Crumble

The left continues to lose their minds over one Tucker broadcast. I think they hope to continue to convince the mob that their version of J6 is the real version. By the way, the latest accusation is that Tucker is … Continue reading

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Ex-Capitol police officer tells Tucker he was never called by Jan. 6 committee

More from Tucker about January 6, 2022.

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Tucker Carlson: There is no justification for this

Tucker responds to all of the lying and crying and calls for censorship by elected officials from both parties today in response to his broadcast last night. And more is coming.

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Rep. Thomas Massie on Tucker: “All January 6 Videos Should Be Released to American Public”

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