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More cooking from your pantry

This is a nice chicken dish. I haven’t made this exact dish, but I do make a similar one. I coat boneless/skinless chicken thighs with seasoned flour (salt, pepper, and dried tarragon or marjoram), then brown and almost completely cook … Continue reading

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More pantry meals

Well, many of us are now sheltering at home, and living off what we have in our pantries, refrigerators and freezers. I added more meat to the freezer this week, and some additional canned goods, so I’m doing pretty well … Continue reading

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Cooking from your pantry

While most of us probably have plenty of food in the house right now, we can’t be confident that the situation will be the same in a couple of weeks. Our grandparents and great grandparents knew more about making something … Continue reading

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Cooking with vegetables – something new, something different

Repeat post from two years ago. By the way, I highly recommend the parsnip, leek and bacon pasta recipe. ALL of these recipes are delicious! I just saw a YouTube video that included a salad that sounds very good. It … Continue reading

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Inexpensive, filling, and healthy foods for a cold winter’s day or evening …

All suggestions welcome! We all try to cut costs, yet eat a healthy diet. I’ll start out with what I’m eating this week. Since I live alone, what I prepare usually lasts for at least three meals. I made a … Continue reading

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What desserts are you serving this Thanksgiving day?

Several years ago I passed on the job of preparing Thanksgiving desserts (meaning pie) to my daughter and her sons. She told me that this year they are making a traditional pumpkin pie, sour cream apple pie, and my younger … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving planning and sharing !!

Planning for Thanksgiving? I have already ordered a free-range fresh turkey that will be delivered on the Tuesday before the big day, and I plan to roast it in pieces after an overnight dry brine. Here’s the process and recipe … Continue reading

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