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Beans, beans, the delicious fruit . . .

This week I made an easy and tasty salad that fed me at lunchtime for three days. Here it is: Tuna & White Bean Salad 1 small can solid white tuna, drained 1 can (15 oz) Cannellini or Garbanzo beans, … Continue reading

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Making superior stock for your pantry

If you are interested in making your own stock instead of using a quality base like Better Than Bouillon (see THIS POST), the video in today’s post has some good tips. I’m sure most of you know how to make … Continue reading

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What the heck is ‘speed scratch’ cooking?

Here’s Brian L. showing how to make a 15-minute chicken soup – that tastes like your Greek (or Jewish) grandmother made it – using the ‘speed scratch’ method. First in a series, apparently! If you have never used the Better … Continue reading

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DIY syrup from trees (not just maples)

Speaking of becoming more food secure – make your own sweetener! Adam is in the southeast part of Tennessee, so it may start to look like spring there someday soon. It will be a couple of months yet before anybody … Continue reading

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Does Vodka actually make Pasta sauce taste better?

If you don’t cook, or aren’t interested in food science, you might want to give this video a pass. Most people have heard of the sauce called pasta alla vodka. You can buy it in jars at the local supermarket! … Continue reading

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Yet another biscuit recipe/method!

Isn’t it funny that there are so many videos/articles about such a simple food as biscuits? Here’s another one. The method reminds me of English muffins or scones. I want to try this just to see if it works. You … Continue reading

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Adventures in bread baking

Just a few years ago, every time I attempted to make yeast bread, results were – at best – mediocre. I got better with time (see above photo – a loaf of my own bread.) I am at the point … Continue reading

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New dishes for the New Year!

Do you make stir fries? I haven’t lately, but it sounds like a good idea, especially when Brian Lagerstrom suggests it. Here are three of his creations that anybody can make if they have a large skillet. These look really … Continue reading

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What are you cooking for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day?

For most of us, Christmas is the first or second biggest family event of the year, especially in the cooking and baking department. Some people prefer turkey, some prefer ham, and others (like me) prefer beef.

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An Italian cooks Thanksgiving dinner

Eva adapts Harper’s Thanksgiving favorites! Some inspiration? Link to the recipes: Italian-Inspired Thanksgiving Recipes

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