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ANOTHER biscuit recipe, from a favorite cook!

Helen was born in Moscow, and came to the USA when she was 13. She lives in the Boston area. The recipe:

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Save money cooking in a cardboard box

An offbeat topic I thought you might find interesting. I first learned about this cooking method watching a BBC documentary about life in WWII, when rationing of fuel was severe. If you are interested in watching that series, it is … Continue reading

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Easy weeknight steak fajitas

I love fajitas. I also love this chef, Brian Lagerstrom. Every one of his videos is excellent, and I highly recommend that you watch a few of them. This is a different method than I use to make fajitas, but … Continue reading

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What can we do to protect against food price inflation?

The news is dire: The USDA is predicting an upcoming huge inflation in the price of food. Egg prices predicted to increase 20%, and other groceries 8% or more. Prices overall from April of 2021 to April of 2022 are … Continue reading

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👑 Queen Elizabeth’s Garden Party Scones Recipe

UPDATE: The first Buckingham Palace garden party of the year was held yesterday, May 12, 2022. Princess Anne hosted in the Queen’s absence. In honor of Queen Elizabeth, here is her scone recipe. This post was very popular the first … Continue reading

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Food my mama made for me

I have to tell you first that my mother was not particularly fond of cooking. She didn’t drink alcohol, but often said that if she ever took up drinking, it would be at 5:00 pm when she had to cook … Continue reading

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Making superior stock for your pantry

I’m sure most of you know how to make chicken stock, but I’m sharing this just in case. If you are still using boxed stock from the store (I still do now and then), this will change your life (slight … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday dinner

When I was a kid, the traditional dinner was baked ham with scalloped potatoes, and a green vegetable; let’s not forget the deviled eggs! Mom would probably bake a cake, even though we had lots of candy to eat. Things … Continue reading

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Making hard-cooked eggs

What is the best method? What delivers a delicious well-cooked egg that is easy to peel? Here is an article in which the author discusses seven methods she tried and which one worked the best, as well as a couple … Continue reading

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Use it up, wear it out . . .

. . . make it do, or do without! A phrase that became famous first during World War 1, made popular again during the Great Depression and then again during World War 2. Around the time the United States entered … Continue reading

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