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The Queen’s Muffins

Glen cooks an old recipe from the Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook – the recipe apparently dates to the 1957 tour of Queen Elizabeth across Canada. The story is that these were made for the tour and a few had to … Continue reading

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History Of Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Cocktail

Just for fun, and in honor of the Queen, her favorite cocktail. As you probably know, gin is a favorite drink in the U.K., particular the gin & tonic. This one is Dubonnet & gin, said to be Queen Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Easy to make sandwich bread – Brian L.

This video shows how to make your own bacon, bread, pesto and Miracle Whip! I haven’t made the others shown, but I have made the bread several times, and I can tell you that it is really good and fairly … Continue reading

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A Tik-Tok wonder: baked feta/cherry tomato pasta sauce

I just made this: It is delicious, and very easy. I hear that it was a big hit on Tik-Tok last year, and I can see why. Apparently it was “invented” in Finland or Sweden, and caused the stores to … Continue reading

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Best banana bread yet!

I have tried several banana bread recipes, and this is the one I use now all of the time. It is moist and delicious. If you missed my comment about the Instacart order I received today – in which I … Continue reading

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From Brian L: Delicious white pizzas

I don’t know about you, but I needed something else to think about today other than politics. For those of you who make pizza at home – or those who should/might! Which one do you think you would like best? … Continue reading

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How to make Italian-style junk food at home

As you all have probably figured out by now, I am addicted to watching cooking videos. Here is a channel (Pasta Grammar) I recently discovered. He (Harper) is an American, and she (Eva) is an Italian from Calabria. They live … Continue reading

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ANOTHER biscuit recipe, from a favorite cook!

Helen was born in Moscow, and came to the USA when she was 13. She lives in the Boston area. The recipe:

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Save money cooking in a cardboard box

An offbeat topic I thought you might find interesting. I first learned about this cooking method watching a BBC documentary about life in WWII, when rationing of fuel was severe. If you are interested in watching that series, it is … Continue reading

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Easy weeknight steak fajitas

I love fajitas. I also love this chef, Brian Lagerstrom. Every one of his videos is excellent, and I highly recommend that you watch a few of them. This is a different method than I use to make fajitas, but … Continue reading

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