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Yummy Summer Food to enjoy with family and friends

A food repeat, just in time for Memorial Day! I would love to know what you are cooking for the holiday. I meal prepped boneless chicken thighs yesterday, so I’ll probably have that with some sort of vegetable sides. Maybe … Continue reading

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More history from Max Miller – PB&J!

Peanut butter is a well-loved and common ingredient in the USA, but not elsewhere in the world. Here’s Max telling all about it.

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Brian L’s Detroit-style pizza

Time for a new cooking post? I think so! Detroit pizza is readily available in my area, for obvious reasons, since it is the birthplace. I am not very far from the original tavern where the dish was born, and … Continue reading

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Food my mama made for me

I have to tell you first that my mother was not particularly fond of cooking. She didn’t drink alcohol, but often said that if she ever took up drinking, it would be at 5:00 pm when she had to cook … Continue reading

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Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Chicken

From the entertaining Max Miller, Tasting History! Coronation Chicken, or “Poulet Reine Elizabeth” (translated literally as “Queen Elizabeth’s Chicken”), is a chicken salad with a curry-cream sauce. It utilizes numerous ingredients, such as curry, wine and apricots, that were considered extravagant at the … Continue reading

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Beyond Basil: How to Make Authentic Italian PESTO(s) Like A Pro

Do you like pesto? I like pesto! Most of us mean a basil-based “Pesto alla Genovese”, but there are many other types of pesto that are made in different regions of Italy. The word “pesto” refers to a fresh (uncooked) … Continue reading

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Are San Marzano or other expensive canned tomatoes actually worth it?

In a previous post, I said that I decided a few years ago that really good canned tomatoes make a HUGE difference, and I willingly spend the extra money to buy them. My opinions only, but cheap canned tomatoes often … Continue reading

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Making hard-cooked eggs

Speaking of Easter food, most of us make hard-boiled eggs to dye, or to make deviled eggs. What is the best method? What delivers a delicious well-cooked egg that is easy to peel? Here is an article in which the … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday dinner

When I was a kid, the traditional dinner was baked ham with scalloped potatoes, and a green vegetable; let’s not forget the deviled eggs! Mom would probably bake a cake, even though we had lots of candy to eat. Things … Continue reading

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Roast Chicken Breast That Doesn’t Set Off Fire Alarms

Part 2 of Helen’s “whole chicken” tutorial! Roast whole bone-in chicken breast. This would fit into a low-carb or Keto diet (which I have embarked upon.) Part One here:

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