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Planning for Thanksgiving 2020

Thirty-seven days away! I know it seems early to be planning, but I’ve already ordered my free range turkey from the same local farm as last year. As I said I would do (see Thanksgiving post from 2019), last year … Continue reading

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Baking bread – substitutions during shortages

If you have never watched the Townsends on YouTube, I encourage you to do so! Here’s a video about using other foods to substitute for part of the wheat flour at a time when wheat flour was in short supply … Continue reading

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Favorite cooking shortcuts

I was watching a video this morning by a favorite YouTube cook. I’ll share it here; it’s for Rotel Mexican red rice. One of the points Glen makes is that professional chefs often take shortcuts when cooking at home for … Continue reading

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One-dish crowd pleasers

My daughter and her family visited this weekend and did a huge yard cleanup for me! I am so grateful for all of their hard work! My job was feeding the troops. First of all, I made a new banana … Continue reading

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Yummy Summer Food to enjoy with family and friends

Repeat post. Enjoy, and share your favorites! A couple of days ago our friend Menagerie said this: We need a summer recipe post. Iā€™m craving summer salads with chopped vegetables. Maybe fruit dishes as well. We get so many delicious … Continue reading

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Favorite food? My favorite: Potatoes!

I like foods of all kinds, but I think that potatoes show up on my dinner table more often than any other. I like them prepared every way you can think of: mashed, fried, baked, roasted, hash browns, in potato … Continue reading

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Summer Eating & Grilling – What’s your favorite?

A repeat post from last year, but it’s about time. I’m adding a video from a favorite YouTuber. To start out, Glen’s take on backyard barbecue potato salad. There are lots of variations of potato salad; my mother marinated her … Continue reading

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šŸ‘‘ Queen Elizabeth’s Garden Party Scones Recipe

Every year the Queen holds four garden parties (three at Buckingham Palace and one at Holyroodhouse in Scotland) to honor thousands of her subjects (30,000 people in all!) Sadly, this year the garden parties have been postponed to 2021, but … Continue reading

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Breakfast options (for a crowd?)

I found a couple of recipes I want to try, but haven’t yet, and a couple of others that I have tried. I probably won’t use any of these for just me, but when my family is here for a … Continue reading

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What’s for dinner – pandemic edition

Trying to be thoughtful planning meals these days so that nothing goes to waste, and sometimes have to use ingredients that I wouldn’t usually. It is easier to get grocery delivery now, although there were a LOT of substitutions on … Continue reading

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