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Halloween treats, old and new

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, trick or treating was terrific. We got wonderful homemade treats and special things like bottles of pop. I remember getting fudge and popcorn balls, candy apples and taffy apples, and the … Continue reading

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Something sweet, crunchy and fun – I hope it will make you smile!

My new favorite cooking channel on YouTube – Refika, from Istanbul, Turkey! PS: She has the BEST recipe for hummus.

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Cooking fajitas – How do you make yours?

I made chicken fajitas last night (and today¬† for lunch, and probably the rest for dinner tonight). I used to use a bottled fajita marinade made by Jardines in Carollton, TX ( Hasn’t been easy to find lately, so I … Continue reading

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Summer Eating & Grilling – What’s your favorite?

Well, it’s Memorial Day weekend, so this is a good time for this repeat post. The following is a favorite YouTuber’s take on backyard barbecue potato salad. There are lots of variations of potato salad; my mother marinated her cooked … Continue reading

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Biscuits – the science!

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Even MORE about biscuits!

More work. Is it worth it? The method reminds me of puff pastry.

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More about biscuits …

I haven’t tried these yet, but I will! A new (and easy) method.

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Treats for your Easter baskets – pandemic edition

This is a repeat from last year. Who thought a year ago that we would still be living under “pandemic” restrictions? Nevertheless, there are some good suggestions here! Maybe you want to make your own treats (and you certainly have … Continue reading

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Cooking with vegetables – something new, something different

Repeat post. By the way, I highly recommend the parsnip, leek and bacon pasta recipe. ALL of these recipes are delicious! I just saw a YouTube video that included a salad that sounds very good. It has 3 cups of … Continue reading

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Biscuits – an heretofore unknown (to me) recipe

We have talked several times about the proper way to make biscuits, especially about the kind of flour to use. I recently obtained a bag of White Lily self-rising flour, and they do produce good biscuits. This recipe contains equal … Continue reading

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