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Don’t Forget to Prepare (Front Porch Chat about Preparing, Security & Being Wise, Not Afraid)

One of my favs, Jessica (the gardening queen) talks about the wisdom of being prepared. You can start small, even if you live in an apartment or on a small city lot. This is a long video, but she has … Continue reading

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Harvesting Tips (and getting to the bottom of contaminated soil)

Thinking about the food sources that are being destroyed through fire or other means, I am sharing this video by a content creator that I follow regularly. She has been talking about contamination of soil that she purchased for her … Continue reading

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The Urgency to Grow Food (and Audacious Hope)

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Starting Tomato Seeds & Separating Seedlings

I just planted a bunch of seeds this morning, and up-potted a couple of seedlings. Some of the new seeds are tomatoes. I don’t seed as heavily as she does, but in past years I have seeded several tomatoes in … Continue reading

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Song pick – Turn Off The News (Build A Garden)

I never heard this before – but I like it! Turn off the news, build a garden, raise the kids. Give them something to believe in, teach them how to be good people, give them hope that they can see. … Continue reading

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Survival crops to grow in the zombie apocalypse!

I think these suggestions are great ones. I just started watching this guy’s videos, and there are some really good ones, especially for those of us who grow mostly in containers. Preparedness, prepping, SHTF – it all can seem a … Continue reading

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Growing in raised beds and containers

There is a huge variety in the way we can grow food and flowers for our families: In the ground In raised beds In containers A lot of us – especially as we grow older – prefer to use either … Continue reading

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SEED STARTING 101- How and Why To Garden From Seed | Gardening Tips and Advice

Another post about gardening. Are you sick of them by now? Based on the number of people who are reading these posts, there seems to be interest. Have you grown plants from seeds in the past? I didn’t have good … Continue reading

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Growing food to feed your family

Here’s Jess again. It’s Spring, and time to think about growing a garden. If you are able and have time, growing food is good for you and your family. You can grow something almost anywhere. This was recorded at the … Continue reading

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Gardening on the cheap – particularly for beginners

If you don’t have a vegetable garden now, but think you might want to start one, here are some ideas for keeping costs down and effort minimal. Here is Jessica, again, from Roots and Refuge Farm. This video is from … Continue reading

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