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Tucker Carlson: This is the most shocking attack on free speech in our lifetimes

Not only is unequal justice handed out these days by Democrat prosecutors and judges, they want you to know that if you step out of line, you will be next. Yes, Democrats love power, hate equal justice, and will use … Continue reading

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Pelosi says Trump must prove his innocence????

Apparently Nancy – and the staffer who wrote this – doesn’t understand our justice system, in which we are innocent until proven guilty. Watch:

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“A simple democracy, or an unbalanced republic, is one of the greatest evils”

Thus said Benjamin Rush. Every time somebody says that the USA is a democracy, kindly correct them! Written by TARA ROSS: On this day in 1789, a signer of the Declaration of Independence writes a letter to John Adams. The … Continue reading

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Truly speaking truth to power!

I don’t know who this woman is, but I am going to follow her. She puts into words what we all are thinking. Bless her!

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The Constitution and Federalism

The leftists and most media sources are deliberately misleading the public about recent Supreme Court decisions, casting them as political actions, and concentrating on the subject (such as abortion, or climate change) rather than reasons behind the decisions. The decisions … Continue reading

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Behind “The Separation of Church & State”

This week we are hearing this being quoted in social media, mostly as a way to insinuate that it is religion (Christianity) that has improperly influenced the Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade and Casey, and that Thomas Jefferson … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – life matters

Although today’s SCOTUS decision does not outlaw abortion, it is a step in the right direction. Perhaps it will make a woman or two think twice before choosing termination of their pregnancies. Besides, I love this smiling baby!

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Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade

HELD: The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion. Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives. Here is the complete decision:

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Seen on social media – “Brandon” on gun control

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Tucker: Violence is already beginning

The lives of our Supreme Court Justices are threatened – their home addresses have been made public and the mob is encouraged to terrorize them. Pro-aborts are attacking churches and pro-life counseling services. The worst aspect of this is that … Continue reading

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