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Justice served!

The Supreme Court of Texas has ordered Shelley Luther be released from Dallas County jail! pj media: On Tuesday, Shelley Luther, a mother and the owner of a hair salon in Dallas, Texas was sentenced to seven days in jail … Continue reading

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Tweet of the day …

Security of Federal elections. I definitely support voter ID laws, but I have been torn about the idea of a Federal ID or Federal ID law for elections. It is clear to me that the states have the right and … Continue reading

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Birth Tourism

What is birth tourism? According to Wikipedia: Birth tourism is the practice of traveling to another country for the purpose of giving birth in that country. The main reason for birth tourism is to obtain citizenship for the child in … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter bits …

Yes, I wonder where he got that idea. Where would he get the idea that the US might give Iran billions of dollars, potentially even in hard currency, in exchange for hostages? — Omri Ceren (@omriceren) January 23, 2020 … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter bits …

Eyes are on Richmond, VA this morning. Some views from on the ground at the rally h/t: @Julio_Rosas11 @alec_sears — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) January 20, 2020 KKK: Founded by DemocratsBLM: Founded by DemocratsANTIFA: Founded by DemocratsACORN: Founded by DemocratsLA … Continue reading

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“Molon labe”: Standing up for the 2nd amendment in Richmond, VA

Richmond this morning: Richmond — Jack Posobiec🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) January 20, 2020 Richmond 2A crowds are absolutely enormous. Thousands of demonstrators arrived by 9am — Jack Posobiec🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) January 20, 2020 I stand behind those who are publicly announcing … Continue reading

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Trump’s conduct ‘does not rise to the level of an impeachable offense’: Dershowitz

Interview by Clinton toady, George Stephanopoulos. I think Dershowitz’ role on the Trump legal team as a Constitutional scholar should govern his answers here. His personal political opinions and feelings are not important.

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