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Today’s cartoon pick – Teaching CRT is unconstitutional

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Today’s cartoon pick

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LIVE: President Trump Impeachment Trial: Day 3

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South Dakota To Tell Biden NO, Republicans Introduce Legislation to Nullify!

I wish my state’s legislature had the guts to do this! South Dakota’s Republican-controlled House is introducing legislation that would allow the state to nullify President Biden’s executive orders if it determines they are unconstitutional. “The Executive Board of the … Continue reading

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  Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute . . . In such cases, the legislature assumes judicial magistracy, pronouncing upon the guilt of the party without any of the common forms and guards of trial, and satisfying itself with proofs, … Continue reading

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The “New” Constitution: Trump is GUILTY Until Proven Innocent – Viva Frei Vlawg

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Supreme Court dismisses emoluments lawsuits against President Trump

I’m sure you remember the claims against Donald Trump for enriching himself by foreign payments to his hotel in D.C. (and elsewhere), claiming that they were illegal as defined by the emoluments clause of the Constitution. The emoluments clause, also … Continue reading

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Amicus brief filed by 17 states in support of the Texas election lawsuit

(Dakota News Now) – South Dakota has joined other states supporting a lawsuit brought to the Supreme Court by the state of Texas challenging presidential election results in several key swing states. The Attorney General’s office announced Wednesday that South … Continue reading

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Tweets of the day, Presidential election …

This sums up pretty well what is happening right now. These tweets were issued on November 8 just after noon. This is the thread reader: Thread Reader, Chris Bowen

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WATCH LIVE: President Trump Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing

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