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Ep. 74: Free Speech; 8th Amendment; MSM Loses; DOJ Misconduct; Biden’s Immigration! Viva & Barnes

Lots to go over this week. MSM loses. Count Dankula Law. Texas Dems can be arrested. Biden loses on immigration. Free speech. Bail for Jan. 6 defendant. Trump taxes. Mask mandates. AND MORE!  

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Constitutional RIGHTS? What rights?

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Senator (& Doctor) Rand Paul: We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads

Will we allow government officials to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy, and children? These dictates and “rules” are (in most cases) not laws. The elected and unelected bureaucrats have no legal power to … Continue reading

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Today’s Cartoon – The Needle Tears a Hole

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Today’s Quote – Constitutional Rights

Meaning of the 2nd amendment, straight from the horse’s mouth. Someone should send this to Joe Biden.

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Freedom: Benefits and costs

I got this email today from a YouTube creator named Jill Winger. She, her husband and children live on a ranch in Wyoming where their aim is to be self-sufficient. They are modern day homesteaders. We let our geese out … Continue reading

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If ever I heard one – a good explanation for governmental checks and balances

Tara Ross, on Facebook. Don’t miss her on her website: Tara Ross: On this day in 1787, the Constitutional Convention is underway. A small state delegate stands up and addresses the large state delegates in the room. He didn’t calmly … Continue reading

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Today’s cartoon pick – Teaching CRT is unconstitutional

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Today’s cartoon pick

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LIVE: President Trump Impeachment Trial: Day 3

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