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Please share your requests for prayer here. We are listening.

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  1. Menagerie says:

    Thank you Stella, for providing this thread. So, posting my first request.

    In order to provide a better life for his family, and to have better job security, my son begins a one year program in school in August. He will be working every day full time, only Sunday off, and going to school until 11 every night.

    This means little sleep, lots of stress, tight finances, and of course a difficult year of study. With three young children this will be a big struggle.

    I ask you to remember him, his wife and children in your prayers, that God will grant them the necessary graces to make it through the upcoming trials and get that training finished successfully.

    It’s also going to be very hard on his wife, who will obviously have all the responsiblities for the children (two of them have autism) on her shoulders.

    We are going to help as much as possible, but this is going to be so very hard for them.

    Thank you, and you guys know I am always praying for all of you!

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  2. lovely says:

    Prayers continue to pray for my cousin. He is still with us and fighting. Amazing that we have had him this long, August/September will be a year since his diagnosis. Thank you again and again.

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  3. Thank you, Stella, for creating this prayer request thread. A couple times with (relatively) recent medical challenges (& other things) the prayerful community here & at the Treehouse have been ministering to our family & I Greatly Appreciate It!

    It’s been almost a year since the online service “carepages” went offline, & it’s been a significant loss for personal & prayerful support for me & my special needs son, Josiah. I jumped into one of their recommended alternatives, “caringbridge”, but the support has not been the same & many people who shared our journey to/through Liver Transplant & beyond are no longer connected to us as tangibly. I guess in some ways I am still grieving this loss (& the loss of other supports)…

    A couple of days ago Josiah & I had his last visit with the pediatric departments of Liver Transplant & Nephrology (Kidney doc dealing with his High Blood Pressure & Chronic Kidney Disease) & his care in these arenas will now be managed in adult & young adult clinics, respectively. This is a challenging change as we’d been working with most of these particular providers for about a decade & had been led to believe that they would allow more leeway for these transitions due to the developmental disability aspect to some of his challenges. I had really hoped to “work through” some of the issues (for me) connected to the process of interfacing with “Gift of Life” to express our gratitude to the Donor Family for allowing their loved one’s organs to be used for transplant. I’d wanted these conversations to occur with known team members with whom we had familiarity & (some degree of) rapport.

    I ended up speaking with one of the hospital chaplains about this & other matters later that same day & got some interesting insights from her perspective. She works in palliative care with pediatric families whose loved ones are in the process of dying, sometimes even over decades. As such she has interfaced with many families dealing with complex medical needs as well as some who also deal with behavioral &/or developmental issues, like we do with Autism Spectrum.

    Anyway, in addition to providing spiritual/emotional/interpersonal support she also provided a form of acceptance & affirmation of where I am being (relatively) “normal” given where we’ve been & what we still face. She brought up the concept of “trauma-informed therapy” & shared that complex situations like we face(d) inflict a form of trauma on the whole family. She basically stated that it’s important to process or manage the trauma & stress in the scenario of healthily coping with one’s existence (my version here, not how she stated things) & strongly encouraged me to seek out appropriate counseling/support.

    This is very difficult for me for multiple reasons (excuses). I’ve had key people in my life either lash out or turn away & abandon me/us during significant times of need/stress & I really do have some major trust issues here. Also, I generally “feel” as if few people can really “get it” in regards to the magnitude of what I/we face(d) & it’s like I’m speaking in some type of foreign language whenever I do end up sharing some of this issues with others. I’ve been walking this path in many ways quite alone (apart from the Lord & immediate family) & managing my son’s myriad needs uses up most of my pretty limited energy reserves. The last time I worked with a counselor/psychologist I would be spent for the remainder of that day, the next day, & sometimes longer regrouping from the exhaustion. I’ve spent many years (my lifetime?) stuffing down the “negative” emotions as much as possible so that I can get on with the business of living, for tapping into my own, or others’–& I live w/ a bunch of ADHD people who generally speaking have a lesser grip on their–emotions is extremely draining to me…

    Anyway I guess if this is to turn into a prayer request (& I’m sorry for going on so much here) would you please pray for me & my family as we learn, again, to walk some new paths. Please pray that the Lord would guide us in His path, that He would lead us to appropriate (& financially accessible) supports &/or counseling that would be able to meet us where we are, speak or at least “get” our language, would be gentle & Christlike, & that He would heal us of the hurts that still swirl. Please also pray that the issues related to contacting Gift of Life can be sufficiently hashed out so that I can hopefully have that contact with them before the year ends–my original goal was by the 5 year anniversary of the transplant, but that’s just days away now…

    If any of you might be interested in following along with Josiah’s (& our family’s to a lesser extent) journey here is where I usually post more detailed updates:

    Well, thanks for providing such a place where we can share from the heart & lift each other’s needs before that Throne of Grace. May the Lord be with Each of You & may He supply All that you need abundantly & according to His Riches in Glory! God Bless You ALL–Valerie

    …hopefully you’ll see a lovely picture w/ Psalm 46:1 above…

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  5. Menagerie says:

    My grandson Mason who has autism starts kindergarten today, and his younger brother Conner, also autistic, starts pre-k. Mason faces the challenge of his first year in a regular classroom. Conner goes to the excellent school where Mason did so well.

    I would appreciate prayers for both of them, and their parents as they face these new challenges.

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    • stella says:

      You are all in my prayers, Menage.

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    • lovely says:

      Prayers Menagerie. Especially for the right people to be in their lives while they are in school.

      Prayers for grandma’s heart to be be able to let go and let God which is the hardest thing (for me) of all.

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    • How are things going with Kindergarten for Mason? Has your son started his away from home assignment yet? Hope your family is hanging tough with all the potentially challenging (& exciting) changes. Blessings…

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      • Menagerie says:

        Not going too well. The school, as I feared, has not kept to the agreed upon plans for Mason. He didn’t get the teacher they said he would have, the one his prior teachers and therapists chose for him. Also, he has ABA therapy for three hours twice a week, there are no openings after school yet, and the school had said he could come in after his appointments and pick up the rest of the day. When my DIL took him in as soon as his first appointment was over they refused to let him go to class, said he would be absent everyday after a certain time. So he is going to miss even more school than he already does.

        I am thinking of asking my DIL to let me have a role in this, as czar does with his GGS. Perhaps I can start with a phone call explaining that we have intentions of pursuing legal and public options.

        My other autistic grandson started school at Mason’s old school, which is an awesome place. However, he isn’t doing well. He hates it and cries when they drive up to the school, and it goes downhill from there. I am praying he will settle in and do well, but he is a hardheaded and forceful child, and his autism is much more severe than Mason’s is.

        Their dad starts school the 27th of this month.

        Oh yeah, theplace where they have speech, occupational and physical therapy is closing in a few weeks and now their mom is scrambling to find other arrangements. I really hate that because Mason’s speech therapist is the first person who broke through to him. All his progress began after she was able to work with him.

        It’s raining, it’s pouring! Thanks for your prayers Valerie, I really appreciate them.

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        • Ah, Menagerie, I truly empathize here for you & your daughter-in-law. The best I can say is that it is still very early days for both young guys so there is plenty of time (& hopefully sufficient will & resources) to course correct…

          If you go to the CTH prayer request page I just put some links to some resources to another parent of an autistic son…some of this may be helpful in your family’s situation.

          More than that right now I don’t want to say for I may stray into my own unresolved “baggage” arena…not a very happy place yet.

          Oh, I wish my own mother was as engaged as you are on behalf of her grandkids–what a help & support that could have been, back in the day!

          God bless, guide, equip, strengthen, & support you, your daughter-in-law, your son, & your grandsons as each of you does battle in your own arena for the long haul!

          In Christ’s Compassion & Love

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        • stella says:

          So sorry, Menage. Can Mason’s speech therapist offer any advice?

          I think it would be a good idea for you to become involved with the school. Young women are often afraid of being confrontational, and older broads like us aren’t.

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          • Menagerie says:

            I agree. Alex is becoming a little more aggressive with her dealings, but not enough. I, on the other hand, if they would let me get involved, intend to take them down to the mat rather than take no for an answer. As far as I am concerned, they need to make good on each and every commitment made for Mason’s IEP, starting with the proper teacher.

            As far as Conner goes, all I know to do is pray, and that’s no sarcasm or joke. He is in the absolute best school he could be in, we were all so thrilled that him getting in at three years old would give him an extra year. But if he doesn’t somehow become teachable it isn’t going to matter. I keep telling myself the teachers are professionals who know what to do about this. But I am terribly concerned.

            Also, Conner refuses to eat one bite of food while at school. They don’t allow the kids to bring lunches, but finally tried giving him things he eats at home. He refuses to even take a bite. That’s how bull stubborn this kid is. I have never seen anything like him. His will is, so far as I have seen his whole life long, unbreakable. And not in a good way.

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            • stella says:

              Regarding Mason’s situation, would it help to send them a letter that details every promise that was made, and how each was broken?

              I have often found that putting something in writing (and sometimes sending it “signature requested”) works wonders.

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              • Menagerie says:

                Great suggestion. I’m waiting for the right moment to approach my son and DIL about this. I have suggested before that they let me intervene, to no avail. I truly don’t want to be a pushy grandmother, but my DIL is not going to be able to be aggressive enough.

                Like you said, it’s much easier for us, and on top of that she has a strong aversion to conflict, and that’s simply not a problem for me. Especially when it comes to the grandkids. Also, I do not believe that she and my son have any grasp of how crucial this time, right now while the boys are so young, is to their development. I cannot seem to get through to them on that point.

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                • stella says:

                  Why not draft a letter, and present it to them as a beginning for discussion?

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                • You are absolutely right. Early development & interventions are key to managing so many of the challenges with autism spectrum. has reams of info on the process of advocating for a child…& you can choose how deep into the rabbit hole to go. I believe that the IEP is a legally binding document & they are required to adhere to every point/promise within it…Hang tough, grandma, & may God grant you the wisdom, words, & timing to approach your son & daughter-in-law. If only they could see that you are trying to Relieve them of some of their burden, not add to it!!!

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        • lovely says:

          So sorry Menagerie, they are blessed to have you in their lives fighting for them. My advice is to find a legal advocate. Have an attorney write a letter, find someone who knows about state codes and laws and the ones that are potentially being broken by the school. Catholic charities may be a first stop in your state, I don’t know, I had a very unpleasant experience with them here, but the upper management (as in the big boys from out of state) did respond in my favor when push came to shove. Anyhow CC may be a place to gather resources that have the knowledge and ability to help.

          You have to threaten their government paycheck. Unfortunately that is likely the only language they will respond to.

          Money and negative publicity, but since (I’m assuming here) your grandson is not a racial minority negative publicity will only put so much pressure on the school.


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          • Menagerie says:

            Thanks lovely, also great suggestions. I have a contact I have worked with who is an attorney, and if it comes to that I am going to turn to him. Right now I am giving them a little time because they process things more slowly and really get their back up when I push too hard too soon, and because today is the day my son starts school (in addition to working full time) for a year. I want to let them get over that hump. So, I have to thread the needle between giving them time and not letting things go downhill rapidly for my grandson.

            I naively thought that after I raised my kids everything would be gravy! Also, I am never sure whether I really am trying to help or have I fallen into the meddling mother and grandmother role?

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  6. czarowniczy says:

    And let’s put a slot for Wolly here in absentia.

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  7. Dear Stellarite Prayer Warriors,
    I just did a post at one of my blogs that has A Lot of healing scriptures with beautiful images that may be a blessing to you if you might be interested. Blessings to All!

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  8. lovely says:

    Prayers for dear Wooly.

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  9. lovely says:

    HAs anyone heard from Col. Wooly or Joshua ?

    Prayers continue for all of them.


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  10. This is a re-post from the CTH Prayer Pages…

    I just want to say that prayer really works. About a week ago we thought our dog was dying. He’s been suffering with allergies/skin condition for a while & scratching & chewing constantly. Our son took him to the vet several different times & he’s been on various meds…Well suddenly he got significantly worse, like in a couple days. He started to look emaciated & then fell down a couple of times for no known reason. Last Friday he had to be carried outside to relieve himself & would just lay there (one time our son pressed against his bladder to get him to pee). He was breathing in a distressed kind of way & different kids spent different nights on the floor next to him thinking he would be dead by morning & wanted to comfort him.

    Because of my niece’s wedding on Saturday & Brandon’s crazy work schedule he decided that he’d take Shadow to the vet on Monday after work (if he was still alive)…At some point over the weekend my husband & Josiah prayed for the dog…(Josiah prayed for me years ago when we were hiking in Colorado & I had very labored breathing & immediately my breathing issues evaporated!).

    When we got back from the wedding Shadow greeted us at the door! He was able to go outside on his own power! By Monday during the day he was choosing to go down our basement stairs to hang out with Josiah (3 days before he couldn’t handle the 5 stairs to get outside himself)…Anyway, Brandon still took him to the vet & they did multiple tests on him & discovered a bleeding mass in his liver (& recommended exploratory surgery & possibly followed by chemo). All of this is way out of range price wise. They did prescribe more meds & rechecked him Tuesday & the meds appear to be effective.

    Well, the bottom line is that God is sustaining our dog for whatever extended season of life He chooses. Brandon will take “reasonable” but not “heroic” measures to see to the dog’s vet needs. Oh & maybe being near death’s door & not actually scratching for a few days has relieved him of that seeming neurotic behavior. He’s practically back to his old self now in intake, energy, & interactions…& all these changes were well under way before the most recent vet visits!

    Blessings to All! Valerie

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  11. nyetneetot says:

    I cannot believe I didn’t notice this thread for 2 years.

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  12. trumpismine says:

    I’m so glad I started following your blog stella and this page I just found. I’ll pray for you all if you will please pray for me? God’s Blessings can sustain us all, He hears our prayers and will comfort us.

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  13. trumpismine says:

    Restless nights sleep last night which I guess is common when we age, but I sometimes remember a child’s prayer I had to look up today.
    A Child’s Bedtime Prayer
    -Henry Johnstone
    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
    If I should die before I wake,
    I pray to God my soul to take, (but wait there’s more)
    If I should live for other days,
    I pray the Lord to guide my ways,

    Father, unto thee I pray,
    Thou hast guarded me all day;
    Safe I am while in thy sight,
    Safely let me sleep tonight.
    Bless my friends, the whole world bless;
    Help me to learn helpfulness;
    Keep me every in thy sight;
    So to all I day good night.

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  14. Hi Stellarites I wanted to share a brief praise report. One of my 22 year old twins, Brandon, has been being a light shining in the darkness as he’s been working on some co-workers with the gospel. One young lady in particular has been especially on his heart as he has taken her to church numerous times & they just attended a retreat with that college-based church this past weekend. He called home on Friday to let us know that Maddie had accepted the Lord as her savior even before the first gathering had happened!

    The darkness is still being beaten back…even if we might not see it based on ubiquitous news coverage. Keep the faith & don’t be discouraged…God is still on His throne!

    Blessings to all! In Christ

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  15. stella says:

    Bad news from FroggieLeggs. She needs our prayers right now.

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  16. stella says:

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  17. lovely says:

    Asking for prayers.

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  18. Merry & Blessed Christmas Eve to All!

    In Jesus’ Abiding Love


  19. Lucille says:

    Prayers for a family member of one of my favorite people…Mark has cancer of the sinus area and is headed for surgery on January 9th…
    Mark Update / Prayer Request 1-8-19
    Dr. Lee Carriker

    And a vid from Mark…a fine and fun young man–with darling children and a dear wife–whose life is the Lord’s and he’s placed himself in His hands…


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