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Tucker Carlson: Democrats are stoking racial violence

It’s true. What’s the point? Like most of what the left does, it’s all about power.

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Good question – what are the answers?

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I will never eat bug meat.

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Tucker Carlson: This is hilariously idiotic

Tucker is right. It is idiotic, and his monologue made me laugh out loud.

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Tucker: It’s hard to believe this is real

Yes. It is hard to believe. There are times when the world seems to change in fundamental ways. After 9/11 is a recent one. The financial collapse in 2008. I remember thinking then that we were seeing changes that we … Continue reading

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Turkey In Chief

So true.

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Oldie but goodie – Milton Friedman schools Phil Donahue

Dave Rubin brings back this great tv moment.

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Seen on social media – Patriotism!

Just so you know – I’m never gonna shut up! Just so you know – social media can ban me, banks can cancel me, and the communist Biden regime can frame me and arrest me – But I’m never gonna … Continue reading

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Transcript of evil Biden’s speech on September 1, 2022

Make no mistake. This the President calling his political opponents – and ALL OF THOSE WHO VOTE FOR THEM – fascists in an election year in a national address. Then there is the setting. Independence Hall in Philadelphia, guarded by … Continue reading

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Tucker: This isn’t about the environment – it’s about control

It is insane. It makes no sense. It doesn’t protect the environment.

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