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Why the tyrannical push for Covid vaccination?

Tucker and Eva Vlaardingerbroek discuss this question. What is going on all over the world is obviously (to me) a coordinated cartel-like push to control all of us. Possibly even more alarming is the media’s willingness to slant the “news” … Continue reading

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Turkey In Chief

So true.

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Twitter pick – Covid automation

People wearing masks in their profile pics would unironically support this. — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) October 20, 2021

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Desmond Shum: the Chinese business tycoon revealing the secrets of Beijing’s elite

This wealthy Chinese businessman is hiding in the U.K. from the Chinese government with his son. His ex-wife – a billionaire in her own right – was “disappeared” by the government off the streets of Beijing several years ago. Why? … Continue reading

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