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The American Revolution Begins!

From TaraRoss: On this day in 1775, the “shot heard round the world” occurs at Lexington Green! It had been mere hours since Paul Revere ended his famous ride from Boston to Lexington (see yesterday’s post). Seven hundred British soldiers … Continue reading

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Notre Dame Fire: A Tremendous Gift to the French People

I am glad that Bill is doing the Firewall series again. Pure Whittle.

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Happy birthday, Jessie!

Forgive me while I indulge myself with memories and thoughts of the most important person ever in my life – my mother – on her birthday. My mother, Jessie, was born on a farm in the Michigan ‘thumb’ on April … Continue reading

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This Week in History: The 17th Amendment is ratified

TaraRoss.Com: During this week in 1913 [April 8], the 17th Amendment is ratified. For the first time in American history, voters would be able to directly elect their United States Senators. The decision seems like a no-brainer. Shouldn’t the people … Continue reading

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PragerU: Changing Minds About the Electoral College

The ignorance about the electoral college, and the left’s deliberate actions to misinform, are apparent here. In case you missed it, here is an earlier PragerU video about the electoral college.

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Today in history – “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death!”

TARA ROSS: On this day in 1775, Patrick Henry gives a stirring speech. You’ve almost certainly heard of this one! Henry closed the speech with the unforgettable words: “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, … Continue reading

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Math Against Tyranny

More about the Electoral College. DISCOVER This article about the electoral college originally appeared in the November 1996 issue of Discover. Some of our readers thought it would be a good idea to feature it again this election year. We agree. … Continue reading

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