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The first celebration of Columbus Day

As usual, TARA ROSS explains the details behind our historical milestones. And as a wise person says, I don’t know exactly what Columbus did or not and I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t perfect. Not unlike the practices of slavery … Continue reading

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Song of the day – country

I’m watching the Country Music series on PBS, and this song is sung in the very first episode, about the beginnings of country music in the United States. I posted this last February, but I enjoyed hearing it again, and … Continue reading

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PragerU: How the Government Made You Fat

For me, this is timely. Too bad it didn’t stop with the first bad study.

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PragerU: Goodbye, America

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Today in History – the Battle of Baltimore

205 years ago today the sun rose over Ft. McHenry in the midst of the Battle of Baltimore. It was then that those watching could see clearly that the Flag still stood over the fort; the defenses had held.  When … Continue reading

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President G.W. Bush Speaks To The Nation, September 2001

The following video incorporates an audio recording that was made by a Detroit radio station, WOMC FM,  in October 2001.  It contains excerpts from two speeches – President Bush’s oval office speech the evening of September 11, 2001, and the … Continue reading

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09.11.01: The towers are hit

As it happened. I think each of us remembers when they first realized what was happening. I was at work. When the second plane hit, my boss ran into my office and said, “It’s terrorism!”

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