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I’m a 10 percenter – member of the left handers’ club. Are you?

Today is International Left Handers Day. As a member of a minority, I can tell you that the world is made for people who are right handed. It is true that right handed people have a dominant left brain. Left … Continue reading

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A brief history of human urine and excrement, it’s uses, and how we’ve dealt with it through the ages

If you watch British television, you will know that they have many historical programs about just about everything. One topic that keeps coming up is how humans have dealt with their excrement and urine through the ages, including its many … Continue reading

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1950’s Food – from family supper to party time

A repeat from last year, with one addition: Do you remember ice cream socials? We always had a strawberry and ice cream social at church, featuring ice cream (of course), fresh strawberries, and lots of homemade desserts. The 1950’s was … Continue reading

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President Trump Delivers Remarks at Williamsburg, VA

President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 400th Anniversary of the First Representative Legislative Assembly, Williamsburg, VA.

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Tweet of the day …

Nostalgia came over me today when standing exactly where we launched 50 years ago at the @NASAKennedy Space Cnt on #Apollo11 to complete a mission set forth by John F. Kennedy to land man on the Moon and return him … Continue reading

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Buzz Gives A Secret Thanks While On The Moon

The first liquid ever poured on the moon was wine. It was consumed by Buzz Aldrin, along with a consecrated wafer, in Holy Communion.

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Watch Today: Space Station Crew Launches @ 12:28 pm ET & Apollo 11 Moon Landing!


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