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More salads – garden bounty!

I’m eating a lot more salads these days, mainly because produce is so nice, and my own tomatoes are beginning to yield enough that I have to keep up! Also have jalapeno peppers and cucumbers ripening. I really like any … Continue reading

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Cool treats in the summertime!

What could be better than delicious cold treats when the weather is hot and humid? Doesn’t this look delicious? Here’s the recipe, from King Arthur Flour, Mocha Madness Ice Cream Pie.

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Summer Eating & Grilling – What’s your favorite?

To be honest, I’m not much of a griller these days, but I do like grill-type food in the summer, with lots of fruits and vegetables. These are a couple of things that I fix. I really love bison/buffalo burgers. … Continue reading

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Salads – meals and sides for any time

Repeat from last year – Salad time is upon us! Revving up for summer, when salads are the best way to eat – no heat (or very little) generated in the house, lots of fresh vegetables and fruit available, and … Continue reading

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What to eat on St. Patrick’s Day?

This ^^^ is what I am eating! The traditional favorite, accompanied by root veggies and cabbage. I have many meals ahead containing this delicious beefy treat. My mother called it a “boiled dinner”, and she also made that with ham, … Continue reading

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Pączki Day (Detroit Style) aka Fat Tuesday

It’s Pączki Day, and in Detroit that means you should be sure to wear your stretchy pants or, as my old friend Denise used to say, your expando clothes! Pączki, or Polish doughnuts, are eaten on Fat Thursday in Poland … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner Favorites!

It’s only a week until Thanksgiving! Like most of you, I’m planning dinner, getting supplies in, checking linens, cleaning house, and generally planning for guests and lots of food, food, food! This year I will be having dinner early, because … Continue reading

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