Mike Pompeo gives first reaction to US airstrike in Syria

The U.S. military carried out an airstrike against an Iranian-backed militia stronghold in Syria Thursday, a senior official told Fox News.

Multiple facilities were struck by American F15 fighter jets that targeted Iraqi border-based Shia militia groups, Kait’ib Hezbollah and Kait’ib Sayyid al Shuhada.

Both forces are suspected of having received funding and military support from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard.

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Rush Limbaugh laid to rest in historic St. Louis cemetery

It was fitting to lay Rush to rest quietly and privately with close friends in attendance.

KMOX St. Louis

Conservative talk legend Rush Limbaugh was laid to rest Wednesday in a very private ceremony at Bellefontaine Cemetery.

The 70-year-old Limbaugh died on February 17 after a year-long battle with advanced lung cancer. Security was very tight as a horse-drawn carriage was brought in to carry “El Rushbo,” as he was known to his fans, to his final resting place.

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Ron DeSantis CPAC: “Can’t Cancel America” Florida Governor takes on media and democrats

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General Discussion, Friday, February 26, 2021

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More MISINFORMATION (about January 6) From Southern Poverty Law Center and NYT – Viva Frei Vlawg

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WATCH LIVE: House appropriations hearing on Jan. 6 attack and Capitol security failures

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Tiger Woods faces a long recovery, won’t face criminal charges



Tiger Woods’ road to recovery likely will be long and rough, but he’s not expected to face criminal charges for the rollover crash that shattered his right leg, authorities and medical experts said.

“We don’t contemplate any charges whatsoever in this crash,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said during a Facebook Live chat.

“This remains an accident. An accident is not a crime. They do happen, unfortunately,” he said.

Villanueva said Woods could eventually be cited for inattentive driving, but that would be an infraction, not a misdemeanor.

It all depends on the outcome of the investigation and whether deputies get search warrants to determine whether blood drawn at the hospital found anything in Woods’ system, or phone records show he was actively texting or talking around the time of the 7 a.m. crash on the border of Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates, he said.

“There was no evidence of any impairment,” Villanueva reiterated Wednesday.

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General Discussion, Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Tucker: Left’s ‘disinformation’ campaign is destroying America

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Meme pick of the day (repeat!)

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