General Discussion, Sunday, July 23, 2017

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Spicer: I want Scaramucci and Sanders to have fresh start

What do you think? Is Sean Spicer being totally honest about this?


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President Trump Brings The House Down w/ a Powerful Speech @ USS Gerald R. Ford Commissioning 7/22/17

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Today In History – America The Beautiful

On this day in 1893, a professor stands atop Pikes Peak. She is struck by the beauty around her and is inspired to write a poem. Her poem is later set to music. Today, we all know that song as “America the Beautiful.”

The song nearly became America’s national anthem! And it all started because a professor accepted a summer teaching position in Colorado.

(read the rest of the story at – link above) The story concludes:

The poem was paired with many different tunes over the years until, finally, one particular melody by Samuel Ward stuck.

Interestingly, Bates and Ward never met each other. And neither of them really made any money on the song.  Instead, the result of their accidental partnership has simply been a great gift to the country.

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It’s Caturday!

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General Discussion, Saturday, July 22, 2017

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UPDATE: Press Conference only.

Okay, this is a live RSBN feed, so to see the press conference, position your cursor to about the one hour mark. As soon as a replay of the press conference is available, I will post it.

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