Yummy Summer Food to enjoy with family and friends

Well, it’s Memorial Day weekend! Over the next few months there will be lots of get-togethers; picnics, reunions, graduations and other types of potluck events. What are your favorite summer dishes?

Last year about this time, our friend Menagerie said this:

We need a summer recipe post. I’m craving summer salads with chopped vegetables. Maybe fruit dishes as well. We get so many delicious fresh fruits and vegetables and I’m looking for new ides on how to fix them.

Maybe that could be one of your summer posts, maybe even combine it with stories. I don’t have lots of memories from my childhood, but I do remember cookouts, family reunions, a few church events, trips to my friend’s grandmother’s house for a big family lunch after church, then all the kids played outside for hours. Churning ice cream. Watermelons that my dad kept cold in his big walk in freezers at the farmers market. Selling peaches on a stall at the market when I was about ten or twelve. The excitement of the first days when the truck farmers would show up with their pickup beds full of corn, panel trucks loaded with all kinds of homegrown vegetables.

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Our WWII veterans, and Honor Flight (One last mission)

I realize that Memorial Day is set aside to honor those who have died in service to our country. Still, I want to put a spotlight on this organization that provides a great service for veterans, particularly those who served during WWII. All of the men I knew who served in WWII and Korea – relatives and friends – have now died. Continue reading

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General Discussion, Sunday, May 27, 2018


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President Trump Delivers Remarks on the American Freed from Venezuela

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Welcome Home Josh Holt!

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Video of the month – Dershowitz rant on MSNBC – I don’t want to live in a police state!

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Tweet of the day …

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