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Words Of Tucker: Your Opinion Matters! Do Not Forget That!

Another past video opinion piece from Tucker, discussing problems that we all recognize.

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Words of Tucker

If you miss Tucker, and are patiently waiting for his return, you will appreciate this post by a fan of a past Tucker show. This one, appropriately, deals with illegal immigration on our southern border, how the Biden administration is … Continue reading

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Migrant Surge!

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On The March

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McCarthy: Democrats refuse to face the reality – Our southern border

Democrats boycotting hearings at the southern border. Americans are being killed, both in traffic accidents caused by cars smuggling illegals and fentanyl (300 Americans per day) that is being brought across our border from Mexico. The number of illegals on … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson: This is hilariously idiotic

Tucker is right. It is idiotic, and his monologue made me laugh out loud.

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Biden chooses Trump’s wall for his first border photo!

Well, at least he acknowledged that there are “problems at the border”! Question: Since he has had the White House for almost two years, and most of that time a majority in Congress, why hasn’t he already been able to … Continue reading

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Tucker: This is an invasion of our country

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None So Blind . . .

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Border Patrol ‘defeated’ as migrants pour into US

This is the result of Biden’s policies at our southern border, and the impending expiration of Title 42. And, of course, the Biden administration and media are blaming Trump and his policies.

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