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People smugglers are using Facebook to promote ‘100% safe’ journeys across the US border

Mark “Satan’s Spawn” Zuckerberg and his minions will find a way to blame it on President Donald Trump. DAILY MAIL Human smuggling networks have been hawking their services on Facebook, guaranteeing illegal entry to America for Central American migrants, including … Continue reading

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Biden may be finishing the Wall

Hmmm. Is this true? **BREAKING** The Biden administration will resume BUILDING THE WALL that Trump started… you know, the one they called racist, inhumane, etc. — Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) April 6, 2021 I saw something about it on OAN this … Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz On The GOP Border Visit & Southern Border Crisis

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Trump sounds off on Biden’s policies in exclusive interview

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BREAKING: Project Veritas Obtains Never-Before-Seen Images Inside Texas Detention Facility

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War on the US/Mexican border!

I did not know this. Did you? Our southern border problem is much bigger than illegal immigration. We all know that there is human trafficking and drug smuggling. Did you know that there are actual battles between rival gangs, where … Continue reading

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Biden’s border “challenge” (psst: it’s really a crisis)

Does the Biden administration really believe that the American public doesn’t see what is going on? They are doing their best to keep pictures and facts out of the news: No press. No cameras. What is Biden hiding? Next week, … Continue reading

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On Mexico‚Äôs Border With U.S., Desperation as Migrant Traffic Piles Up

I learned a lot from this NYT article. Mainly that the way the Biden administration is handling illegal immigration is not so different from the way that the Trump administration did it before they got it somewhat under control. Although … Continue reading

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Cesar Chavez and illegal immigration

Letter: All Californians paying for illegal immigration Letters to the Editor October 23, 2018, Chico Enterprise-Record: In 1979 Cesar Chavez very much opposed illegal immigration as he felt it lowered the wages of his union members. According to some, he … Continue reading

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Illegal immigration peaks again in the USA …

Video taken in SE Texas this morning. Huge line of people waiting for smugglers to ferry them across the Rio Grande into the US. Video courtesy of Tripwires and Triggers. #BorderCrisis — Charlotte Cuthbertson (@charlottecuthbo) March 11, 2021 Huge … Continue reading

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