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Meme of the day – Ronald Reagan, 1992

Quoting Tara Ross: On this day in 1992, former President Ronald Reagan gives a speech that you might recognize. Will we soon find that nothing lasts longer than a “temporary” seizure of emergency governmental power during a pandemic? Food for … Continue reading

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Tweet of the day …

“We need more testing.”“LOOK AT ALL THE CASES!” “We need to shut down the economy.”“LOOK AT GDP, UNEMPLOYMENT!” “We need mail-in election.”“WE CAN’T DELAY THE ELECTION!” Same people. — Julie Kelly 🇺🇸 (@julie_kelly2) July 30, 2020

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Meme of the day …

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Today’s Meme

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Tweet of the day … pandemic edition

He has 5.3 million Twitter followers. — Ice Cube (@icecube) June 11, 2020

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Tweets of the day …

The day is still young, and I found three tweets that I like, by three men that I follow. What they say is simply logical and self evident, yet so many today need to hear it. From a persuasion perspective … Continue reading

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Meme of the day – pandemic edition

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Meme of the day, pandemic edition.

I’ll just say this. What we are experiencing is a unprecedented quarantining of HEALTHY citizens, and for an unreasonable period of time.

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Meme of the day – pandemic edition

I don’t know if this is true, but it is funny, and these are New Yorkers.

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Meme of the day – Sing & Wash

ADD: I thought it was clear, but apparently not, that this is meant to be humorous! I got it from Charlie Daniels on Twitter. You probably know that “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” is his song.

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