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👑 Queen Elizabeth’s Garden Party Scones Recipe

UPDATE: The first Buckingham Palace garden party of the year was held yesterday, May 12, 2022. Princess Anne hosted in the Queen’s absence. In honor of Queen Elizabeth, here is her scone recipe. This post was very popular the first … Continue reading

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Food my mama made for me

I have to tell you first that my mother was not particularly fond of cooking. She didn’t drink alcohol, but often said that if she ever took up drinking, it would be at 5:00 pm when she had to cook … Continue reading

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1 Dough 3 Loaves | The Easiest (and delicious) Bread You Can Make

These are easy techniques that anybody can use to make great bread. I’m starting a loaf tonight. The technique for folding the dough WITH WET HANDS (very important) is my favorite alternative to kneading. It works.

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Use it up, wear it out . . .

. . . make it do, or do without! A phrase that became famous first during World War 1, made popular again during the Great Depression and then again during World War 2. Around the time the United States entered … Continue reading

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Don’t Twist The Biscuit Cutter!!! – Things Grandma Said

Isn’t it funny that there are so many videos/articles about such a simple food as biscuits? Well, here’s another one from a favorite YouTube channel, Glen and Friends Cooking. See below for links to previous posts about biscuits.

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Sweet potato biscuits?

I’m sure you know that I have posted several recipes and videos for and about biscuits over the past couple of  years. Here is one of my favorite YouTube cooks making a biscuit recipe for his Sunday “Old Cookbook Show”. … Continue reading

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What are you cooking for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day?

For most of us, Christmas is the first or second biggest family event of the year, especially in the cooking and baking department. Some people prefer turkey, some prefer ham, and others (like me) prefer beef.

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It’s Christmas cookie time!

Do you have a favorite cookie? I tend to stick to bar cookies, like brownies or blondies (see killer recipe, below), but I also like peanut butter, spice, molasses, snickerdoodles … This year I will be making Scottish shortbread and … Continue reading

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Holiday breads (and other treats) – what’s your favorite?

I’ll start out by saying that Panettone is my favorite, and I know how to make it – both the traditional method, and in a bread machine. The machine recipe is a bit dense, but delicious anyway. I like this … Continue reading

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Desserts for the 2021 Thanksgiving holiday!

I have always believed that Thanksgiving dessert is pie, including pumpkin, but it doesn’t have to be. My daughter and grandson bake pies for dinner at my house, but sometimes I make something too. This year I am considering doing … Continue reading

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