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👑 Queen Elizabeth’s Garden Party Scones Recipe

Every year the Queen holds four garden parties (three at Buckingham Palace and one at Holyroodhouse in Scotland) to honor thousands of her subjects (30,000 people in all!) Sadly, this year the garden parties have been postponed to 2021, but … Continue reading

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Breakfast options (for a crowd?)

I found a couple of recipes I want to try, but haven’t yet, and a couple of others that I have tried. I probably won’t use any of these for just me, but when my family is here for a … Continue reading

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What’s for dinner – pandemic edition

Trying to be thoughtful planning meals these days so that nothing goes to waste, and sometimes have to use ingredients that I wouldn’t usually. It is easier to get grocery delivery now, although there were a LOT of substitutions on … Continue reading

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Substitutes in cooking – pandemic pantry

These days, your pantry might be lacking or running low on items that you normally have on hand for cooking and baking. The following suggestions come from the New York Times. I am including much of the text of the … Continue reading

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Treats for your Easter baskets – pandemic edition

Maybe you want to make your own treats (and you certainly have the time), or maybe you aren’t able to buy treats for the kiddies (and big kids). What to do? Well, depending on what you have in your pantry, … Continue reading

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Cooking with vegetables – something new, something different

Repeat post from two years ago. By the way, I highly recommend the parsnip, leek and bacon pasta recipe. ALL of these recipes are delicious! I just saw a YouTube video that included a salad that sounds very good. It … Continue reading

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It’s cookie time!

Do you have a favorite cookie? I tend to stick to bar cookies, like brownies or blondies (see killer recipe, below), but I also like peanut butter, spice, molasses, snickerdoodles … You get the idea. I like cookies!

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