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Video of the day – “Earth To God”

What many of us are saying/thinking, from John Rich.

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Video of the day – MAGA YMCA!

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General Flynn’s Attorneys Reveal Judge Sullivan CORRUPTION? Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT

Segment from last night’s live stream.

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Tara Reade’s story about Biden’s sexual assault – 60 Minutes Australia

You might wonder why (or maybe not) 60 Minutes USA chooses not to cover this story. Is it true? Only the two of them know the truth. Nevertheless, it deserves to be reported. PS: She isn’t voting for either candidate … Continue reading

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2020 VP Debate Live: Pence, Harris face off in Salt Lake City

Begins on October 7, 2020, at 9:00 pm ET.

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Tweet of the day – America …

America, It's time to remember who you are. This video is a love letter to remind you of who you are and a warning about how quickly our freedoms can be stolen from us. We have an opportunity now to … Continue reading

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Live: President Trump departs from Walter Reed Hospital

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The RISKS of Mail-in Ballots EXPLAINED – Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT

I watched the entire live stream last night. This segment is very interesting and informative. It must be – YouTube put a notice on it: God forbid we should be able to make up our own minds!

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Video of the day …

I hope this makes you smile or laugh. I did!

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President Trump clearly condemns white supremacists

OAN (One American News) has compiled video of the many times President Trump has condemned/disavowed white supremacy and its representatives.

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