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Announcing the launch of A collaborative site featuring all of your favorite meme creators! Contests and Prizes COMING SOON Advertisements

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Twisted and Mad: What’s the Antidote to Our Debauched and Disturbing ‘Leaders’?

Yup. The only thing holding up the world at this point is the thoughtless routine and naive virtue of the working stiff. All the things the world weary revile: customary honesty, religion, family sustain our life. As for our "world … Continue reading

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Massive power cut across UK affects homes, businesses and transport networks

This is what the “watermelon” people have in mind for us …

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Universal Pictures thinks killing “Deplorables” is a good movie topic – they call it ‘satire’ (video)

This is so sick, the only way to discuss it is to show you what it is, and what Hollywood thinks about it. Hollywood Reporter In the wake of a trio of deadly massacres, the studio is evaluating its strategy … Continue reading

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Video of the day …

Just discovered this group via a FB friend who lives in NYC now, but grew up in New Orleans. I love this kind of music, and they look so young! Recorded March 2, 2015 in the French Quarter.

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Body Language: Mueller Cognition In Congress

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Live: President Trump participates in the Pledge to America’s Workers

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