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Project Veritas INFILTRATES ANTIFA: “Practice things like an eye gouge…injure someone’s eyes”

Rose City Antifa is located in Portland, Oregon.

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Black Lives Matter Kills People

The facts in this video are still true.

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Dad, how do I? – a “dad” steps up

This is a pretty amazing story. Consider it my “Good News” offering for the day. I am a great proponent of the idea of YouTube and all of the things you can learn there about just about anything. I learned … Continue reading

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Dr. Deborah Birx on the timeline for a COVID-19 vaccine, efforts to reopen America

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Video of the day! (pandemic comedy edition)

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Is Sweden’s approach to coronavirus really the path to follow?

An alternative opinion by a man living in Sweden.

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Video of the day!!

From YouTube: The owner of this boat is an immigrant from Cuban by the name of Carlos Gavidia. He loves our President. He had put a Trump flag on his dock and the people across the canal from his house … Continue reading

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