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PragerU: Goodbye, America


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9/11 First Responders Have A Message For Politicians Who Forget 9/11

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Bill Whittle: Hong Kong Hangs Tough!

Five Demands, Not One Less: Hong Kong Chief Lam Concedes Too Little, Too Late

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Labor Day Music

To honor all of those who work hard every day, and for those who did so for many years and are honorably retired! There are many great songs celebrating workers – the good bits and the bad bits. What’s your … Continue reading

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Busted by Justice Report, James Comey Still Thinks He’s an FBI Hero

Is James Comey a psychopath? Is James Comey a malignant narcissist? Bill Whittle offers his opinion.

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Announcing the launch of A collaborative site featuring all of your favorite meme creators! Contests and Prizes COMING SOON

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Twisted and Mad: What’s the Antidote to Our Debauched and Disturbing ‘Leaders’?

Yup. The only thing holding up the world at this point is the thoughtless routine and naive virtue of the working stiff. All the things the world weary revile: customary honesty, religion, family sustain our life. As for our "world … Continue reading

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