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This morning’s Twitter hits …

My guess is probably “yes”. Federal Judge Amit Mehta just sided with Democrats to allow Congress to subpoena President Trump's tax returns & financial records However, Mehta's financial records show that he was a $2,000 donor to the Obama/Biden campaign … Continue reading

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When Some Films Are Banned, Only Outlaws Will Have Banned Films

This is really bad. The theory is that with the increase of the streaming of movies, the prerecorded DVD will practically disappear, just like the VHS tape. The really, really, bad part is that the social justice warriors (SJW’s) will … Continue reading

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Project Veritas: Twitter Execs on JRE Contradicted By Undercover Video of Twitter Engineers

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Project Veritas: Facebook Insider Leaks Docs; Explains “Deboosting” “Troll Report” & Political Targeting in Interview

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We Are Leaving Patreon: Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson Announcement

What is going on with punishment of free speech by corporations when the speech doesn’t please them is frightening. As they point out, this has been extended to companies such as MasterCard and Visa potentially monitoring what you spend your … Continue reading

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“Nobody needs to know” Beto Campaign Appears to Illegally Spend Funds on Supplies for Caravan Aliens


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Corporate censorship by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets

Who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past. George Orwell, 1984 This graphic image may be a bit over the top, but I think that sometimes it is necessary to use hyperbole to call … Continue reading

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