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Nick Sandmann settles with CNN for undisclosed amount

I wonder if a public apology will be part of the settlement? They tried to ruin the life of this young man and his fellow students by falsely accusing him of racism based on the word of a man who … Continue reading

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Johnson & Johnson fined $572M in landmark opioid crisis trial

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Today’s Twitter hits …

I wonder if the Red Flag law would have applied in this case. I can’t believe he talks like this in front of his 9-year old daughter. When you are trying to channel the Godfather, but everything ends up sounding … Continue reading

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AG Bill Barr speaks at a Fraternal Order of Police conference

He first addresses the Epstein case, and the so-called suicide. “This sex trafficking case was very important to the Department of Justice and to me personally.” “Let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was … Continue reading

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Mass Killings vs. Mass Shootings

After every mass shooting, we see comments like this, many by politicians. This tweet by Senator Patty Murray is followed by my response: Most people want the mentally ill to get help, and many are NOT getting that today. Guns … Continue reading

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Here’s why CIA’s Sue Gordon had to go now

There has been some speculation why Sue Gordon is leaving the CIA on August 15. This may be the reason. The New York Times reports that there is a federal statute called Federal Vacancies Reform Act which says that if … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Many people have asked and are asking the same question. Why so little information about the killer in Vegas (58 gun downed in Oct 2017?) It almost seems like that investigation got dropped by law enforcement and the media…am I … Continue reading

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