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Three dead, several wounded in shooting at Michigan high school

Shooting at Oxford High School. The shooter, a 15-year-old boy, is in custody. Three people are dead, and eight wounded. Six of the eight are stable, while two are in surgery, condition unknown. The three dead are all students, one … Continue reading

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Live: Biden delivers remarks on Afghanistan

As you have probably noticed, I rarely post any speech by Biden or Harris. I’m making an exception today because of the seriousness of the current situation in Afghanistan. The chances are not good that Biden will be truthful or … Continue reading

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We’ll fix him in post | Greg Kelly

As Greg Kelly points out, here is how the MSM made Biden look good by editing his actual words.

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What do you think of Joe Biden’s press conference?

I didn’t watch it, but I did watch this review by Tucker Carlson:

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WATCH LIVE: Biden holds first presidential press conference – 1:15 pm ET

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Biden administration screening press questions in briefings?

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RSBN LIVE: President Trump Speaks in Alamo, TX 1/12/21

Scheduled for 3:00 pm ET.

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A Message from President Donald J. Trump

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Reporters FLIP OUT After McEnany Delivers Stern Message And Doesn’t Take Questions

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