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Seen on social media – saving money on fuel

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Tucker: European countries are descending into poverty. Is is coming here next?

Energy rationing. Cutting their own wood to heat their homes. Prosperity depends on cheap energy, but Europe no longer has it. Either they can’t get it at all, or the price rise is skyrocketing quickly. Coal prices have quadrupled, and … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson breaks down the shameful policies of the U.S. government

First of all, did you know that gasoline prices in Mexico are much lower than they are in the USA? I read this morning that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador diplomatically dressed down Joe Biden over his economic and energy … Continue reading

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Truth: How energy and prosperity are inextricably linked

Tucker Carlson gives real world examples of what happens when countries follow the path that the ‘environmentalists’ say that we should. Like the ‘Green New Deal’. No electricity, less food, less water, famine. Do we really want to be forced … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – Trump warned Germany, but they didn’t listen . . .

And here’s the video. I hate to say it, but I will. He told you so:

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Tucker Carlson: Biden should be impeached for this

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Seen on social media – Biden helps to RAISE gas prices again

More than 5 million of our emergency oil barrel reserves were shipped to Europe and Asia last month despite Americans already paying historic gas prices. The Biden regime cannot be helping other countries before our own. — Rep Andy Biggs … Continue reading

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Yes! Advertise widely exactly what the ‘Liberal World Order’ has in store for us . . .

'That #liberalworldorder sound bite should be in every commercial for every Republican campaign – play that to truckers, to parents buying food, to delivery workers… they're saying, 'the greater global good means your suffering doesn’t matter,' @greggutfeld #TheFive — … Continue reading

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Beggars can’t be choosy!

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Biden’s ship of state = Titanic

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