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New York Governor Cuomo RESIGNS

Apparently he has become a drag on the Democrat Party. That’s the only explanation, because he would never just “do the right thing”.

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Whittle etal: No Charge: New York AG Issues Damning Report on Criminal Creepy Cuomo, then Walks Away

You probably are either confused and/or outraged by the outcome, as am I.

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Governor Cuomo is a sexual predator!

If only someone would nail him on the nursing home scandal. NY Attorney General Tish James: "The independent investigation has concluded that Gov Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law." — … Continue reading

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Sidebar with Eliza Bleu – Viva & Barnes Live

Eliza Bleu is a survivor of, and an advocate against, human trafficking.

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Maria Bartiromo: MORE about Tucker Carlson’s NSA spying allegations

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Tucker Carlson – The NSA Is Spying On This Show, Attempting To Cancel It

I suppose that this shouldn’t be surprising but, frankly, I’m amazed! Seems that the NSA has been spying on Tucker Carlson. He knows this is true because a whistle blower contacted him and gave him enough information about his private … Continue reading

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More government mismanagement – or malfeasance?

I don’t know the motive behind the AP investigation (possibly some kind of anti-2nd amendment effort?), but I decided to post this anyway. Reported on, referencing an Associated Press investigation: In the first public accounting of its kind in … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter pick

Contrast #AshliBabbitt case w/ #DuanteWright: both shot by police. Difference? One faced a warrant for prior charges of armed robbery when accidentally shot while seeking to escape arrest; the other was deliberately shot for trespass on public property. Guess which … Continue reading

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Media pundits fuel violent protests like Minneapolis

The Chauvin trial is not even concluded, and rioting has already begun in the Minneapolis area, albeit because of a different incident. This is not protest. It is taking advantage of a situation to steal and destroy.

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Ep. 56: Chauvin Trial; Covid Victories; Jacobson Revisited; Biden 2A; Thomas; Barstool & MORE!

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