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Today’s Twitter pick

Contrast #AshliBabbitt case w/ #DuanteWright: both shot by police. Difference? One faced a warrant for prior charges of armed robbery when accidentally shot while seeking to escape arrest; the other was deliberately shot for trespass on public property. Guess which … Continue reading

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Media pundits fuel violent protests like Minneapolis

The Chauvin trial is not even concluded, and rioting has already begun in the Minneapolis area, albeit because of a different incident. This is not protest. It is taking advantage of a situation to steal and destroy.

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Ep. 56: Chauvin Trial; Covid Victories; Jacobson Revisited; Biden 2A; Thomas; Barstool & MORE!

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People smugglers are using Facebook to promote ‘100% safe’ journeys across the US border

Mark “Satan’s Spawn” Zuckerberg and his minions will find a way to blame it on President Donald Trump. DAILY MAIL Human smuggling networks have been hawking their services on Facebook, guaranteeing illegal entry to America for Central American migrants, including … Continue reading

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Man rams car into 2 Capitol police; 1 officer, driver killed

A police officer has died. The perpetrator was shot and killed by the police. Associated Press A Capitol Police officer was killed Friday after a man rammed a car into two officers at a barricade outside the U.S. Capitol and … Continue reading

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Boulder, Colorado, mass shooting

You will by now have seen coverage of the shooting that took place yesterday afternoon in Boulder, Colorado. Last night police were still not releasing much information about it, including the number of deaths, names of the victims, or name … Continue reading

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Voter fraud? How about Unemployment Compensation fraud?

Over the past few months, I have received mail at my address for a person with my last name, but the first name of “Nsume”. This mail is from the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency. This person had apparently applied for … Continue reading

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Next time they try painting Trump supporters as the violent ones, show them of this video

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Shooting of Ashli Babbit at the Capitol

Here is a new video closeup of the shooter. He is wearing a suit, has closely cropped hair. Secret Service or private security? Watch him track her with his gun just before attempting a head shot. As it was, he … Continue reading

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NEWS CONFERENCE: Police share an update on the Nashville RV bombing

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