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RSBN Shows Never Before Seen Security Footage Of Marjorie Taylor Greene Swatting Attempt

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Tucker Carlson: This is a clear indication of things unraveling

The number of youth carjackings are exploding in cities all over the country. What are the cities doing? Rewarding them. The New Orleans mayor showed up in court to support a carjacker, and he was set free. In Philly, they … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson: Immigration and crime are issues Republicans should run on

Tucker has some bad news: No matter what you have been hearing, the Dems have a good chance of keeping control of Congress after the November election. What’s going on?

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Mother of 10-year-old rape victim in ‘relationship’ with her rapist

I wondered about this, because the mother had stated that he was innocent when he was arrested. TOWNHALL Telemundo found and interviewed the girl’s mother, who says that her daughter is “fine” and that everything said about her rapist is … Continue reading

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Tucker: The curious case of Ray Epps and the January 6 Committee

Tucker Carlson addresses a New York Times article about Ray Epps, one of the men accused of planning the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ The more you see footage of Capitol Police opening doors, … Continue reading

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Highland Park shooter was known to law enforcement

You have probably seen the reports of a shooting at the Highland Park, IL parade on July 4, in which six people were killed, and many others injured. The shooter has been apprehended. Now we hear, as we have so … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson: Why are they so angry?

Tucker Carlson comments on the Biden administration’s ‘criminalizing of American politics’ on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ Tucker explains how the Democrats have been rounding up political dissidents. Reminds me of Soviet Russia. The part where the political dissidents are outlined begins … Continue reading

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Doesn’t matter what kind of gun he had – when the cops don’t come | Real Time with Maher

Maher said, “I mean, this kid was in the room for 40 minutes before anybody came in. It wouldn’t have mattered what kind of gun he had. Any kind of gun could do any amount of damage in that time.” … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – fighting back against crime (and entertaining!)

Great idea! Some punks were attempting to carjack a car. The victim simply honked his horn (which was wired to sound like gunshots). The rest is very entertaining. — 🇺🇸Nece-Horn's Daughter🇺🇸 (@NeceHorn) May 10, 2022

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Operation distraction!

Isn’t this the truth?

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