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Viktor Orbán wins fourth consecutive term as Hungary’s prime minister

The left is “not amused”. The Guardian: Viktor Orbán has won a fourth successive term as Hungary’s prime minister, capping a campaign dominated by his controversial stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with a speech that appeared to mock Volodymyr … Continue reading

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Biden has reinitiated the ridiculous Iran nuclear deal that ultimately gives them a nuclear weapon. I have one question: WHY?

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YouTube (Google) once again displays disdain for free speech by removing Oliver Stone’s ‘Ukraine On Fire’

Sundance has posted this on the CTH platform, but I wanted to make sure that you had another opportunity to see it, if you desire to do so. Google doesn’t want you to see it, so that is one reason … Continue reading

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We need to sacrifice so THEY can feel good about themselves?

PS: You can bet your booty that they wouldn’t be saying this if Trump was still President. Of course, this wouldn’t be happening if Trump was still President. The fact is that this is Biden’s fault. He can lie all … Continue reading

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Ep. 103: Russia/Ukraine, Canada, Popcorn Acquittal, SCOTUS & Snooop Dogg & MORE! Viva & Barnes LIVE!

Scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm ET.

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Check Your Oil!

Biden is a Dipstick for paying for Russian oil that funds the war effort against Ukraine.

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Lindsey Graham is not just corrupt – he’s irresponsible

Have you seen this? What do you think of it? My tweet (below his) tells you what I think. Are you insane? Calling for the assassination of the leader of a foreign country? Or are you just irresponsible. — StellaP … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – Biden and Ukraine

I did not fact check the military aid figure, but the amount spent on Russian crude oil sounds about right. We are buying $22M worth of Russian oil today while sending $350M in U.S. military aid to Ukraine. The Biden … Continue reading

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‘State of the Union’ Highlight

As you probably know, I did not watch the SOTU speech this week. I post the following excerpt with a hat tip to Roger L. Simon.   “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and … Continue reading

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Biden’s Big-Gas “Mistake”

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