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Today’s Twitter hits …

I’m sure there are conservatives who don’t favor the use of birth control, but most conservatives I know aren’t in that camp. I’m always surprised at how ignorant liberals can be about how conservatives think. I’ve heard conservatives say they … Continue reading

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President Trump’s meeting at the White House with Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis

President Trump and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis participate in a bilateral meeting.

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Today’s Twitter hits …

The word ‘racist’ has lost its meaning. In fact, no country on earth has done more to overcome racial prejudice both in law and practice. Indeed, racism today is nearly universally rejected in America, which is why the left tries … Continue reading

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Bibi boycotts the Squad

Bibi Netanyahu has denied permission to Squad members Omar and Tlaib to enter Israel. Their plan, of course, was to condemn Israel on Israeli soil, then perhaps stage some kind of political event where the “Palestinians” (perhaps children or the … Continue reading

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Massive power cut across UK affects homes, businesses and transport networks

This is what the “watermelon” people have in mind for us …

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Polls, especially this far from the election with no opponent named, are useless. And national polls are just the worst example of a bad lot. This is national poll…what about the swing states (which determine the winner?) — Greta … Continue reading

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More Boris attacks – it’s Trump, version 2 …

Expect that most of what we will be reading during Boris Johnson’s term as Prime Minister will be made up of sphincter tightening and pearl clutching. Those of us who voted for Donald Trump will recognize the pattern. Example one, … Continue reading

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