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What’s the Plan?

I received this email yesterday from Catherine Engelbrecht, Founder, True the Vote. I think it is so good that I am replicating it here: The question on everyone’s mind.  What’s the plan? Who’s got the plan? When will the plan … Continue reading

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American Patriot

That’s you! Written by Sundance about seven years ago:

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Bill Whittle: Little People

This is really good, old-time, Bill Whittle. It is SO MUCH worth your time to listen to what he is saying here, and I think you will feel better after you do. At least, it made me feel proud to … Continue reading

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The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

“If you can’t spread the courage, then don’t spread the fear.” This is the Bill Whittle I remember.

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Seen on Facebook – Jimmy Stewart’s military career

H/T Texan59! Months after winning his 1941 Academy Award for best actor in “The Philadelphia Story,” Jimmy Stewart, one of the best-known actors of the day, left Hollywood and joined the US Army. He was the first big-name movie star … Continue reading

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Watch LIVE: #Walk Away DC Defend Democracy Rally LIVE Coverage

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President Trump and The First Lady Participate in a National Veterans Day Observance

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My song choice for election day, 2020

This was recorded four years before I was born.

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Should a Christian vote for President Trump?

An influential and useful video. I’m sharing it with you and others. It explains things very well.

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Tweet of the day – America …

America, It's time to remember who you are. This video is a love letter to remind you of who you are and a warning about how quickly our freedoms can be stolen from us. We have an opportunity now to … Continue reading

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