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Constitutional Republic vs. Democracy

Dave Rubin played this video (probably 60 years or so old) on his show this morning. I found it on the YouTube channel named The Benny Show. It features Howard “Dan” Smoot, who was an FBI agent and a conservative. From 1957 … Continue reading

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Obama: You are too stupid to decide what is true

He thinks that the government and the tech companies must work together to tell you what to think. Because you are flawed, and unable to distinguish what is true. The Ministry of Truth – once a fictional organization – is … Continue reading

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Language & food fun: Why Americans don’t pronounce the H in herbs

Language and food are two of my favorite subjects. This is a fun video, and I thought you might like it too! PS: Adam does lots of really good cooking videos too.

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Politicized Language

This is a perfect Orwell tie-in:

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