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You were right – Fauci et al are taking money from the pharmaceutical industry

A new investigation reports that Anthony Fauci and the NIH received and hid $350 million of royalties from pharma companies.

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Seen on social media – what’s up with Mark Levin?

So, if you don’t agree re the 40 Billion Dollars being sent to Ukraine, you are a Putin ass-kisser? Sometimes this guy just goes off the rails. Remember when he went after Sundance at CTH during the 2016 election cycle? … Continue reading

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Tucker: Violence is already beginning

The lives of our Supreme Court Justices are threatened – their home addresses have been made public and the mob is encouraged to terrorize them. Pro-aborts are attacking churches and pro-life counseling services. The worst aspect of this is that … Continue reading

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2000 Mules available for viewing NOW! Help defeat election fraud

Some in the blogosphere believe that the leak of the draft Supreme Court decision was done to overshadow the release of 2000 Mules – the film that tells all about the FACTS related to the fraud in the nation 2020 … Continue reading

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Leaked Supreme Court draft: Roe and Casey were bad law

My opinion about the document leak? The reaction to the Supreme Court leak is a planned operation, and the emphasis in the press and on the left, so far, has been on abortion itself, rather than the law. My opinion … Continue reading

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Dave Rubin: Media Melts Down Over Musk Buying Twitter, His Response Is Priceless

I usually watch Dave’s web show every day – it’s available on Rumble, Blaze and YouTube. Dave has a way of taking a subject and explaining it in a way that everybody can understand. He occasionally drops an “F” bomb, … Continue reading

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Tucker: Naomi Wolf Compares Social Media Censorship To 1930s Book Burnings

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More about the “Ministry of Truth” – Tucker Carlson

Of course, DHS is at least smart enough not to call it the ‘Ministry of Truth’. Instead, it is the Disinformation Governance Board. You have to watch this, particularly the information about the head of this new ‘board’ – Nina … Continue reading

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Glimpses of the courtroom – attempted take down of Marjorie Taylor Greene

There is an administrative hearing today in which her political opponents are attempting to deny MJT the right to run for office again cloaked in a 14th Amendment challenge to her candidacy for reelection in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. This … Continue reading

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Obama: You are too stupid to decide what is true

He thinks that the government and the tech companies must work together to tell you what to think. Because you are flawed, and unable to distinguish what is true. The Ministry of Truth – once a fictional organization – is … Continue reading

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