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Don’t Forget to Prepare (Front Porch Chat about Preparing, Security & Being Wise, Not Afraid)

One of my favs, Jessica (the gardening queen) talks about the wisdom of being prepared. You can start small, even if you live in an apartment or on a small city lot. This is a long video, but she has … Continue reading

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Save money cooking in a cardboard box

An offbeat topic I thought you might find interesting. I first learned about this cooking method watching a BBC documentary about life in WWII, when rationing of fuel was severe. If you are interested in watching that series, it is … Continue reading

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Prepper recommendations

Frugal Fit Mom does a lot of videos about shopping. She personally keeps a large pantry, including home canned veggies and fruit, frozen meat, bread etc, and dry goods. Here are some of her recommendations for prepper storage. Hope this … Continue reading

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5 stockpile tips for beginners

You may or may not be a beginner, but these are good tips. By the way, did you know that the LDS has been teaching their members about stockpiling for emergencies for a very long time? They have many good … Continue reading

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The Urgency to Grow Food (and Audacious Hope)

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Survival crops to grow in the zombie apocalypse!

I think these suggestions are great ones. I just started watching this guy’s videos, and there are some really good ones, especially for those of us who grow mostly in containers. Preparedness, prepping, SHTF – it all can seem a … Continue reading

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