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This morning’s Twitter hits …

I hope this gets things moving … President Trump’s order giving AG Barr authority to unilaterally declassify documents and ordering US intel to cooperate is designed to end the foot dragging, document hiding and ‘inadequate answers’ keeping Americans from getting … Continue reading

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This morning’s Twitter hits …

My guess is probably “yes”. Federal Judge Amit Mehta just sided with Democrats to allow Congress to subpoena President Trump's tax returns & financial records However, Mehta's financial records show that he was a $2,000 donor to the Obama/Biden campaign … Continue reading

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Exclusive: Barr talks to Fox News in first on-air interview as Trump’s AG

In a Fox News YouTube exclusive cut, Attorney General William Barr sits down with Bill Hemmer for a wide-ranging interview covering everything from investigating the Russia probe to combatting gang violence, including a special message for his critics.

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Candace Owens – a Twitter warrior for truth. Wherever liberal policies reign supreme, Black America is under threat. Abortion, Illegal immigration, welfare traps which encourage father absence—these are progressive policies that lead to regressive results for my community.@facebook is fearful … Continue reading

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Democrat lies about the economy …

Democrat politicians – the ones running for President, in particular – are saying that the middle class has been left behind in job creation and tax cuts, but is that true? The answer is NO! Here are some facts (some … Continue reading

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NY Times Bombshell: Trump Tax Returns Show Huge Losses, Shady Deals

The New York Times has (probably illegally) obtained very old tax data belonging to Donald Trump, and are making much of how much money he lost. Who really gives a rat’s patootie? The NY Times lost over a billion dollars … Continue reading

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Project Veritas – Media Caught Selectively Editing AGAIN – Record Your Interviews!

Some examples, and good advice from James O’Keefe.

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