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Pushback where we least expect it – from the left

The past year has been interspersed by incidents of notable leftists/liberals questioning media dogma and D.C. pronouncements on a variety of topics such as Covid government mandates, gender “education” of children and, more lately, the January 6 so-called “insurrection”. These … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter pick – government propaganda

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“Project Fear” in the UK

I don’t doubt that something similar happened in D.C. Do you? Note: The TELEGRAPH story is behind a paywall; the link can be found in the Powerline story. POWERLINE reports: [Secretary of State for Health and Social Care] Matt Hancock … Continue reading

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Seen on Twitter – bot patrol, the usual media line

Remember – years ago – when Rush Limbaugh (I miss him so much!) pointed out how every mainstream media outlet was saying the same things at the same time? I think way back then he suggested that they were all … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson: Construction of Obama’s temple was halted

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Tucker Carlson: NBC doesn’t want you to see this

NBC has scrubbed this report from the internet – but Tucker kept a copy so we could see it. Watch:

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Greg Kelly has questions, breaks down police statement about Paul Pelosi attack

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Seen on Twitter – ‘journalists’ taken in by fake fired Twitter employees

First, here’s the video making the Twitter rounds: Lib reporters outside Twitter HQ get absolutely TROLLED by SAVAGE actors pretending to be fired software engineers The looks on their faces when he says his name is PRICELESS "Rahul Ligma" … Continue reading

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Biden brags about 2022 deficit reduction

Biden bragging about his 2022 “deficit reduction”. Goes to show you that the Dems will do and say anything to get votes. See the facts, below. First of all, I believe that he is probably counting on voters confusing the … Continue reading

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