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Seen on social media – Covid vaccines

Just so no dishonest media takes this out of context, this is satire (but partially factual).

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The “Jan 6” Production

Did you watch the first Jan 6 committee broadcast? Neither did I. From what I’ve heard, Nancy and her cohorts hired an NBC producer to package the “play” for prime time. It was broadcast live for two hours on every … Continue reading

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Rubin Report: The Media Didn’t Expect This After They Smeared Me (Pt. 1) | Ron DeSantis

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about how the media created the “don’t say gay” narrative, what it’s been like battling the woke politics of Disney, why liberal elites are suddenly scared of voters, … Continue reading

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Does this surprise you? The influence of media on public perceptions

A result of media exaggeration.

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Obama: You are too stupid to decide what is true

He thinks that the government and the tech companies must work together to tell you what to think. Because you are flawed, and unable to distinguish what is true. The Ministry of Truth – once a fictional organization – is … Continue reading

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Information Deficit Disorder

Branco is hitting it out of the park this week!

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John Durham alleges conspiracy against Trump by Clinton and her cronies

Perhaps Durham will (finally) actually accomplish something. Maybe. Just The News In a bombshell court filing late Monday night, Durham for the first time suggested Hillary Clinton’s campaign, her researchers and others formed a “joint venture or conspiracy” for the … Continue reading

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NYT & Their LIES! Living in a “Post Truth” World – Viva Frei Live!

Media lies. If I don’t trust them, it’s their fault, not mine. Begins at noon.

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Viva: Fake Facts Checks; Fake Fauci; Real Doctor AND MORE!

Let’s do this. Fake Fact Checkers. Bruce Willis. Gavin Newsome. Canada’s Bill C-11.

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Jen Psaki, oil prices and oil leases

On Monday, the “Little Red Lying Twit” said this: There are 9,000 unused, approved drilling permits, so I would suggest you ask the oil companies why they’re not using those if there’s a desire to drill more.” Watch: I love … Continue reading

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