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Tucker Carlson: The shocking story of John Fetterman

John Fetterman is the Democrat Senate candidate running against Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. He may win. Too bad that Dems would vote for him no matter what.

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RSBN Shows Never Before Seen Security Footage Of Marjorie Taylor Greene Swatting Attempt

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Tucker Carlson: Immigration and crime are issues Republicans should run on

Tucker has some bad news: No matter what you have been hearing, the Dems have a good chance of keeping control of Congress after the November election. What’s going on?

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I Made it in to Reinhart’s Court – Trump Raid / Motion to unseal Affidavit UPDATE LIVE!

I made it in to court. Boring hearing. But a great experience. The details when we go live. (at 4:00 pm ET)

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No surprise here: Bannon found guilty of criminal contempt of Congress

Washington Times Stephen K. Bannon was found guilty on Friday of criminal contempt of Congress for failing to comply with a subpoena from the House Jan. 6 Committee, marking a significant victory for the panel as it ramps up its … Continue reading

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The Watergate story was one big lie

Did you know this? I didn’t, and I always wondered about it, since it made no sense. Nixon was going to win the election, and he knew it, so why would he order his people to burgle the Democrat Party … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – our latest pandemic

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MORE: Biden’s mental capacity

Maria Bartiromo interviews Dr. Ronny Jackson regarding Biden’s cognitive ability.

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It’s now public knowledge: Biden is in cognitive decline and being drugged

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More from Tucker and Victor Davis Hanson – details about 10-yr old Ohio rape victim

First, the child could have legally obtained an abortion in Ohio. Why was she taken to Indiana? Was it because the abortion was delayed until it was just past the six-week limit on the Ohio heartbeat law? Second, the rapist … Continue reading

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