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CBP/DHS Press Conference; changes to Flores ruling

In case you missed it earlier today. Advertisements

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Press Briefing with Acting Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services Ken Cuccinelli

Tweaks to our immigration laws. The left is up in arms. Immigrants must be able to support themselves. Such a radical idea! /s

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Love the response to this B.S. story by Elijah Cummings. I was telling my three year old niece about this, and she asked why @RepCummings ‘s niece didn’t say something about kids in cages 5 years ago when Obama did … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter hits …

I give Brit credit for this tweet, considering that he is on the list! People discerning a racist motive for Trump’s attack on Elijah Cummings are missing a key point: Trump attacks those who criticize him and his administration, black … Continue reading

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Symposium at the Wall: Cartels, Trafficking, and Asylum

This is a live event from 9 am to 2 pm today. Lots of good speakers – Donald Trump Jr., Candace Owens, Steve Bannon, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Raheem Kassam, Kris Kobach, Brian Kolfage, John Catsimatidis, Jr., Angel Families and more. … Continue reading

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Trump talks Safe Third agreement with Guatemala, French wine tax

President Trump signed the Safe Third agreement with Guatemala to halt the number of false asylum claims at the US Southern border. The president also spoke on a potential tax on French wine in retaliation to France’s digital tax on … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Well yeah! Too bad their followers either don’t know or don’t care. Strange: Kamala Harris is campaigning on equal wages yet females on her campaign make 94 cents for every dollar a man makes Bernie is campaigning on a $15/hr … Continue reading

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