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Supreme Court rules against permanent status for illegal immigrants

The Supreme Court did their job yesterday in denying an illegal alien the right to apply for permanent residency status. Although he had been granted TPS (temporary protected status), the law allows only immigrants who were lawfully admitted to the … Continue reading

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On Mexico’s Border With U.S., Desperation as Migrant Traffic Piles Up

I learned a lot from this NYT article. Mainly that the way the Biden administration is handling illegal immigration is not so different from the way that the Trump administration did it before they got it somewhat under control. Although … Continue reading

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Cesar Chavez and illegal immigration

Letter: All Californians paying for illegal immigration Letters to the Editor October 23, 2018, Chico Enterprise-Record: In 1979 Cesar Chavez very much opposed illegal immigration as he felt it lowered the wages of his union members. According to some, he … Continue reading

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Illegal immigration peaks again in the USA …

Video taken in SE Texas this morning. Huge line of people waiting for smugglers to ferry them across the Rio Grande into the US. Video courtesy of Tripwires and Triggers. #BorderCrisis — Charlotte Cuthbertson (@charlottecuthbo) March 11, 2021 Huge … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter pick …

Indeed. WHO paid for this? Who is funding this? Illegal immigrants wearing “Biden please let us in” shirts for a photo op. — Joanne_Lopez_Dow🇺🇸 (@dow_lopez) March 3, 2021

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Today’s Twitter picks …

Blah, blah, blah. It’s not the same when THEY do it! "Customs and Border Control" … Psaki doesn't even know the name of the relevant U.S. federal agencies — Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) February 23, 2021

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Today’s Twitter pick

No comment. BROWNSVILLE, Tex. — Roughly a dozen migrants are dropped off by a CBP van at the bus station. All woman and children. A team of city workers meets them to provide coronavirus testing before they continue their journey. … Continue reading

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What has Biden Done? Week 1

Even Day 1 was eventful. THIRTY executive orders were signed in the first three days. Well, as I heard Ted Cruz say, he’s not a uniter and he’s not a moderate. Biden is engaged in a “10-Day Blitz” of executive … Continue reading

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Birth Tourism

What is birth tourism? According to Wikipedia: Birth tourism is the practice of traveling to another country for the purpose of giving birth in that country. The main reason for birth tourism is to obtain citizenship for the child in … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter bits …

More impeachment … What do you think the second term Trump impeachment will be for? I sure hope it’s more exciting and better concocted than this one. — Mollie (@MZHemingway) January 24, 2020 I don’t know what the republicans case … Continue reading

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