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Abide With Me

There is always hope, with God’s grace, love, and mercy. “Abide with Me” is a Christian hymn written by Scottish Anglican Henry Francis Lyte. He wrote it in 1847 while he lay dying from tuberculosis; he survived only a further … Continue reading

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Music of the day – You raise me up

I need a lift today (and I’m tired of looking at Garland’s ugly face). Hope it lifts your spirits too.

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What is your favorite hymn?

First of all, this is my favorite, and my favorite rendition: I got the idea to ask you what your favorite hymn is when I ran across this video from the BBC. Apparently they polled their audience to find out … Continue reading

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Music to celebrate the 4th of July!

A full hour of favorite patriotic music from the bands of the United States Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy. Enjoy! If you want to skip around, here’s the track list: NOTE: The links take you to YouTube.

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Truth -USA

Let’s pray that it stays this way:

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Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American) (Official Music Video)

Just because. It raises my spirits and I hope it will do the same for you!

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Sweet Florida – The song!

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Song pick – Turn Off The News (Build A Garden)

I never heard this before – but I like it! Turn off the news, build a garden, raise the kids. Give them something to believe in, teach them how to be good people, give them hope that they can see. … Continue reading

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Where bluebonnets grow …

“This is the only place on Earth bluebonnets grow, and once a year they come an’ go at this old house here by the road. And when we die, we say we’ll catch some blackbird’s wing, and we will fly … Continue reading

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

For all of my Irish, part Irish, wish-you-were Irish, and temporarily Irish friends, I lift a glass to your health and happiness! An old Irish/Celtic folk song Of all the money, e’er I had, I spent it in good company, … Continue reading

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