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WOW!! The Media Don’t Want You To Know THESE FARMERS WON!!!

Russell is right. I had not heard about this in our news (and it is good!), so I went searching the internet. BBC NEWS A farmers’ party has stunned Dutch politics, and is set to be the biggest party in … Continue reading

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Unite & Build – coalitions for success?

Just watched a Russell Brand video about how conservatives are more likely to engage with those on the left who have goals in common with them, even though that are not aligned on every issue, in order to fight against … Continue reading

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Tucker: This could lead to the destruction of the West

An alliance of Russia and China could destroy the West. So what does our government do? Push the two countries to do just that.

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Good question – what are the answers?

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Tucker: It’s hard to believe this is real

Yes. It is hard to believe. There are times when the world seems to change in fundamental ways. After 9/11 is a recent one. The financial collapse in 2008. I remember thinking then that we were seeing changes that we … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – the ‘far right’

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Tucker Carlson: Dems’ vision for a cleaner future is really part of a global suicide pact

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