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What do you think about this? Is POTUS in danger?

He appears to be talking about actions his administration is taking against big pharma, but it could be more than that. It’s an odd statement, nevertheless. Here is the Timcast from yesterday (Tim Pool) discussing this.

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O’Keefe vs FBI: Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe DENIED Constitutional Right to Bear Arms

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LIVE: Sally Yates testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee

Better late than never!

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PragerU: Chaos in Portland

What the protesters are saying and what he observed.

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President Trump participates in coronavirus response, storm preparedness roundtable

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Uncle Tom: In honor of Herman Cain

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LIVE: CEOs of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple face Congress in antitrust hearing

Watch if you aren’t afraid of losing IQ points listening to some of our Congress Critters.

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Silenced Frontline Doctors Hold Capitol Hill Press Conference to Challenge Big Tech

Probably better watch before this video is removed from all platforms. As is stated in this video, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (Google) removed the original video, and their website platform, Squarespace, removed their website! This could happen to any of … Continue reading

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Live: AG Barr testifies before House Judiciary Committee

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American Doctors Address COVID-19 Misinformation with Capitol Hill Press Conference

This video has been removed from all social media platforms – YouTube, Twitter, Google (YouTube) because, apparently, they don’t trust you to make your own decisions about its content.

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