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Tucker Carlson: This is an atrocity. Nord Stream pipelines hit by explosives

This was an act of industrial terrorism.

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The Greens’ New Target

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Seen on social media – cow farts?

Makes perfect sense. Of course, the ‘greenies’ rarely do.

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Sri Lanka riots & worldwide protests: It’ll get to a point where it cannot be ignored’ | Neil Oliver

Further to the earlier post and Tucker Carlson video. In case you haven’t seen what is going on worldwide, as a result of policies like the Green New Deal.

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Truth: How energy and prosperity are inextricably linked

Tucker Carlson gives real world examples of what happens when countries follow the path that the ‘environmentalists’ say that we should. Like the ‘Green New Deal’. No electricity, less food, less water, famine. Do we really want to be forced … Continue reading

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More good news: Supreme Court curtails EPA’s authority

The Supreme Court rules that the EPA does not have unlimited powers to make rules in accordance with THEIR interpretation of legislation. If new rules are required, the legislature should pass new laws. It is a curtailment of the executive … Continue reading

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Let’s hear it for green energy!

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Today’s Twitter pick – climate change edition

… selfish, badly educated, virtue-signalling little turds … wake up, grow up and shut up! Outstanding rebuttal to Greta and the rest of the snowflake generation by Aussie newscaster… — lonestarmango (@lonestarmango) May 27, 2021

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Today’s Twitter pick …

John Kerry has 6 homes, 12 cars, 2 yachts, a private jet ~ and he thinks we should take the bus and build solar panels. — Everett W Ray (@ewray5) March 7, 2021

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What has Biden Done? Week 1

Even Day 1 was eventful. THIRTY executive orders were signed in the first three days. Well, as I heard Ted Cruz say, he’s not a uniter and he’s not a moderate. Biden is engaged in a “10-Day Blitz” of executive … Continue reading

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