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President Trump signs an order discharging student loan debt for disabled vets

Forbes President Trump signed an executive order today calling for more streamlined discharges of federal student loans for disabled veterans who cannot maintain employment to repay their debts. The President noted in the order, “There is a pressing need to … Continue reading

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Epstein autopsy report reveals cause of death

The “official” verdict is suicide.

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Meathead has become the character from “All In The Family” – or maybe he always was. Actually, this is an odd one. President Trump should be impeached because he made a public tweet and, shortly after that, Bibi announced that … Continue reading

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Rand Paul speaks for first time since surgery to remove part of lung

Unfortunately, Rand Paul was not healing as hoped, and the damaged part of his lung was expanding due to infection. It was, therefore, necessary to remove part of his lung.

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Bibi boycotts the Squad

Bibi Netanyahu has denied permission to Squad members Omar and Tlaib to enter Israel. Their plan, of course, was to condemn Israel on Israeli soil, then perhaps stage some kind of political event where the “Palestinians” (perhaps children or the … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Epstein: Dead

Apparently it was suicide. Epstein was already on suicide watch. I'll leave it to others to explain what this would mean…. — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) August 10, 2019 FOX NEWS

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Retired ICE Director Tom Homan comments on the nearly 700 arrested in Mississippi ICE raids

As an introduction to this story, the name of the company is Koch Foods, not to be confused with Koch Industries or the Koch brothers. Statement from the company website: Koch Foods is an independent, privately held company that specializes … Continue reading

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