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Today’s cartoon pick – Buyers’ Remorse?

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Biden’s 2020 Census hanky-panky?

You may have heard that both New York and Illinois were projected to lose electoral seats (2 and 2), while Texas and Florida were gaining 3 and 2 respectively. It seems that now after ‘revisions’, the blue states are losing … Continue reading

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Ep. 59: Chauvin; Giuliani RAIDED; O’Keefe; Qualified Immunity; 2nd Amendment; CHOP Lawsuit & MORE!

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Maria Bartiromo encounters migrants trying to get caught on border

Maria has been reporting from the border for several days. This is her latest report.

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Biden may be finishing the Wall

Hmmm. Is this true? **BREAKING** The Biden administration will resume BUILDING THE WALL that Trump started… you know, the one they called racist, inhumane, etc. — Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) April 6, 2021 I saw something about it on OAN this … Continue reading

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Today’s Meme Pick

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The Matt Gaetz political affair …

Have you been wondering what is going on with Matt Gaetz and his attackers? As a Republican capable of hammering Democrats for their lies he has been attacked with unbelievable smears. Before this came into the news, I didn’t realize … Continue reading

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OAN: Behind The Scenes At Biden White House

I watched this earlier on One America News. It is shocking, and although this isn’t a good quality replica of the original, it is worth watching.

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Today’s cartoon pick …

So true.

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What do you think of Joe Biden’s press conference?

I didn’t watch it, but I did watch this review by Tucker Carlson:

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