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Juan Browne: Southwest Airlines Meltdown and the Federal Vaccine Mandate

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The disaster of Biden’s first 200 days

As the author points out, it isn’t the first 100 days that are the most important when analyzing a new Presidency, but the second 100 . . . WASHINGTON EXAMINER Biden’s second hundred days have been an unmitigated disaster. It … Continue reading

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Tucker: What will the ‘Green New Deal reparations bill’ do to the economy?


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Today’s Cartoon

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Redditors buy Times Square billboard as GameStop stock saga rages

Hah! Good one. NY POST Defiant amateur investors on Reddit say they are not backing down on their investments in GameStop — and even took out billboards in Times Square and across the country urging the faithful to continue holding … Continue reading

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Today’s Tweet – Democrat Agenda

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Today’s tweet choice – Profit is usually the motive

Saw this tweet today and I think it is worth reminding everyone that Warren Buffett truly benefits from cancellation of the pipeline from Canada. Warren Buffett owns the railroad that transports the oil. When these pipelines are completed, he loses … Continue reading

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Today’s Tweet

Oil independence is a great achievement. We will see if Biden manages to tank the gains made. Gasoline prices are good, but they have been pretty good since 2016 (lowest annual average gasoline price in the past 15 years; $2.14.) … Continue reading

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Today’s video – Milton Friedman v. Phil Donahue

Milton Friedman is still quoted today. When was the last time we heard about Phil Donahue? An excellent, history-based, defense of capitalism.

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PragerU: What’s Wrong with Wind and Solar?

Some facts about “green” energy to have at your fingertips.

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