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Down Is Up

He may even believe it.

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Guess who has the largest welfare state?

We often hear how wonderful the welfare state is in various European countries, and their opinions of the United States as a country filled with rich people who don’t “pay their fair share.” This is quite interesting (from Powerline Blog): … Continue reading

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Ingraham: Republicans are going to cave on another huge issue

Again we are disappointed by the GOP.

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Politics of Destruction

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Tucker: Are you getting tired of this yet? (Pssst. It’s abortion)

Abortion is the only political topic that Democrats have to run on. Can’t tout how great the economy is (Nancy Pelosi says we shouldn’t talk about inflation.) Can’t claim great military victories. Crime? Border control? Certainly can’t brag about their … Continue reading

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Biden brags about 2022 deficit reduction

Biden bragging about his 2022 “deficit reduction”. Goes to show you that the Dems will do and say anything to get votes. See the facts, below. First of all, I believe that he is probably counting on voters confusing the … Continue reading

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The economy – what Biden says vs reality

September 8, 2021:

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Dressed for success?

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The Greens’ New Target

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Robert Kiyosaki and the “Five G’s”

Robert Kiyosaki is the author of the book series, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Here’s an excerpt of an interview he did with Dave Rubin:

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