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Do bugs go with ketchup?

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Guess that’s why they decided to call it ‘climate change’

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Twitter wisdom – “climate change”

I love it when 400 private jets fly to Egypt for the UN Climate Conference to tell the peasants to ride bikes and live in tents. — Catturd ™ (@catturd2) November 12, 2022

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Tucker: Biden the dictator does it again

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Seen on social media – climate change

If the oceans have been rising for the past several decades, as we are gravely and solemnly informed, why is it that Plymouth Rock and Sidney Harbor (not to mention various other landmarks around the world) are at exactly the … Continue reading

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More good news: Supreme Court curtails EPA’s authority

The Supreme Court rules that the EPA does not have unlimited powers to make rules in accordance with THEIR interpretation of legislation. If new rules are required, the legislature should pass new laws. It is a curtailment of the executive … Continue reading

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Climate change is a communist hoax

Social media is super productive today. If you are interested:

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The truth about those “green” electric cars . . .

General Motors spokesperson Kristin Zimmerman has let the cat out of the bag by admitting that their new “electric” car – the Volt – is charged by a power plant that runs on coal, so basically, their new car at … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – climate change

The only thing that “changed” is that the climate alarmists are mostly liars.

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Biden celebrates Earth Day?

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