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Climate change is a communist hoax

Social media is super productive today. If you are interested:

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The truth about those “green” electric cars . . .

General Motors spokesperson Kristin Zimmerman has let the cat out of the bag by admitting that their new “electric” car – the Volt – is charged by a power plant that runs on coal, so basically, their new car at … Continue reading

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Seen on social media – climate change

The only thing that “changed” is that the climate alarmists are mostly liars.

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Biden celebrates Earth Day?

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Seen on social media – it’s all about clean energy!

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Seen on social media – more government mandates?

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Government youth indoctrination – history rhymes?

We have all seen the reports about parents showing up at school board meetings to protest curriculum in their children’s classrooms, from critical race theory to normalization of sexual deviancy. Many schools/teachers have overstepped their areas of authority. The latest … Continue reading

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John Stossel is suing Facebook

They lie about him, and refuse to change. A lawsuit is the only way he has left to respond.

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Today’s Twitter pick – climate change

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Have you heard of “The Great Reset”?

It explains a lot about why our world seems to be going mad. Here is what the people who came up with “The Great Reset” have to say about it. This is a masterful bit of gaslighting, if you ask … Continue reading

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