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Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan . . .

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Tucker Carlson: The Biden admin is provoking a hot war with China

Tucker discusses Nancy Pelosi’s trip to China/Taiwan?, Biden’s claim that he killed Al Ayman Al Zawahiri (maybe happened, maybe not), the state of our military, and the general Biden position in the Middle East and Asia.

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Spies, foreign and domestic

Communist China is buying land near Military bases and Biden and the Democrats don’t seem to care.

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Desmond Shum: the Chinese business tycoon revealing the secrets of Beijing’s elite

This wealthy Chinese businessman is hiding in the U.K. from the Chinese government with his son. His ex-wife – a billionaire in her own right – was “disappeared” by the government off the streets of Beijing several years ago. Why? … Continue reading

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More traitors?

ADD: I strongly recommend that you watch the video in my earlier post: “U.S. Strategy  On China”. Did Esper also say it was OK to give China the heads up if the US attacked? Because it’s not just the “back … Continue reading

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Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Groundbreaking Legislation to Combat Theft of Florida’s Intellectual Property by Foreign Countries

Governor DeSantis signs legislation that is aimed squarely at China. This, and other legislation that the Governor has supported, is a window into Ron DeSantis’ positions on foreign diplomacy and many other issues. If he should become a candidate for … Continue reading

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