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Hand In The Cookie Jar?

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The U.S. has grown crazy, but you already know that

We aren’t crazy, but the media and the government are.

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Juggling Joker

Sad, but true.

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Good news – I think – Covid

There has been speculation that Biden will veto the bill but, considering the 419-0 vote in the House, Congress would probably override the veto. From National Review: The House voted unanimously Friday to pass a bill requiring Director of National … Continue reading

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Chinese virologist tells Tucker COVID-19 ‘was not an accident’

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History of the China virus. Tucker: This is an outrage

Remember when China let the leather workers return to Italy, when they knew that the Corona virus was already wild in their general population?

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Officials still won’t say what ‘objects’ were shot down over US, Canada

According to local news reports, commercial flights were told to avoid the area, because the “object” was flying as low as 20,000 feet. Reporting from local channel (NBC) 4 in Detroit: Gen. Glen VanHerck, head of NORAD and U.S. Northern … Continue reading

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BREAKING: 2nd spy ‘object’ shot down over Alaska by US fighter jet | LiveNOW from FOX

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Meme Monday

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