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Ron DeSantis lays out the Jan 6 ‘anniversary’ for what it is – politics

Governor DeSantis was asked for his comments on the January 6 ‘anniversary’, and this is what he had to say. I hope that most people in our country can see what a sham it is, and I believe that they … Continue reading

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Radical Dems will do ANYTHING to ‘win’

Power is everything to the leftists. This is just one of the recent shenanigans they have come up with, as explained by Jonathan Turley. Turley still considers himself to be a Democrat, but I wonder how much longer he will … Continue reading

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Twitter pick – re Rogan/Malone podcast

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Seen on Twitter – Mark one in the free speech column!

Glad to see a Brit friend win one. Also heartening to know that one person can make a difference.

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Live with Harmeet Dhillon – Talking Project Veritas & More! Viva Frei Live

This is going to be awesome. Live with Project Veritas / James O’keefe attorney Harmeet Dhillon. Talking Project Veritas / New York Times and MORE! Booya!

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Why is Emerald Robinson being punished by NewsMax and Twitter?

Emerald Robinson is/was a Washington, DC correspondent for NewsMax. What has she done that is so egregious that her employer has suspended her? and Twitter has suspended her account? Well, it seems that Ms Robinson has been doing some investigative … Continue reading

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Seen on Twitter . . . free speech

Twitter this afternoon. Raising an insurectionist! While I never told her at the time that I approved, I was secretly proud of my own child for exercising her free speech rights. I got a call from the principal today. My … Continue reading

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Loudoun County VA: Rapist protected because he’s a “trans”?

I’m sure most of you have heard this story, but details continue to be released, and I think (and hope) that the story will become more and more public. The mainstream media doesn’t want to cover it because it is … Continue reading

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Twitter picks – righteous protest

Our right as citizens as described in the First Amendment to the Constitution, and our obligation! Some Twitter warriors disagree (when it’s a Democrat President): Booing the President of the United States is very messed up, in any context. — … Continue reading

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Twitter picks – vaccines!

Enough to make you hurl. The cringe is so cringe it’s — John Cardillo (@johncardillo) September 29, 2021

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