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Today’s Cartoon Pick …

Calling censorship what it is. I never thought I would see the day when free speech was throttled in the United States of America.

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Project Veritas in Times Square!

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Project Veritas – OLIGARCHY (Official Video)

Something different from James O’Keefe!

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Ep. 57: Chauvin Trial Recap; Free speech; Project Veritas; Google Class Action & MORE!

A lot on the menu this week. Chauvin trial drama recap. Expelled for micro-aggression? Project Veritas bombshell. Rebel News suspended. Vaccine lawsuits. AND MORE!

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Ep. 56: Chauvin Trial; Covid Victories; Jacobson Revisited; Biden 2A; Thomas; Barstool & MORE!

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How to curb big tech?

This is a really good article, I think. Should government stay out of business? If a business or industry holds a monopoly, should government step in – and how? Common Sense with Bari Weiss Some excerpts: In President Joe Biden … Continue reading

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Ep. 54: Chauvin Update; Powell Defamation; Quebec Covid; Freedom of Thought & MORE! Viva & Barnes

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Tucker: Did Dorsey admit Twitter’s role in Capitol riot?

Jack Dorsey is a liar and a snake. Perhaps Tucker is right: he has permanent brain damage from drug abuse.

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Biden’s border “challenge” (psst: it’s really a crisis)

Does the Biden administration really believe that the American public doesn’t see what is going on? They are doing their best to keep pictures and facts out of the news: No press. No cameras. What is Biden hiding? Next week, … Continue reading

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Tucker: Left’s ‘disinformation’ campaign is destroying America

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