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Welcome Ceremony in Honor of the Twentieth Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


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President Trump signs an order discharging student loan debt for disabled vets

Forbes President Trump signed an executive order today calling for more streamlined discharges of federal student loans for disabled veterans who cannot maintain employment to repay their debts. The President noted in the order, “There is a pressing need to … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter hits …

I’m sure there are conservatives who don’t favor the use of birth control, but most conservatives I know aren’t in that camp. I’m always surprised at how ignorant liberals can be about how conservatives think. I’ve heard conservatives say they … Continue reading

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President Trump addresses the American Veterans 75th National Convention

AMVETS convention in Louisville, Kentucky. MSN/WHAS11ABC AMVETS serves more than 20-million veterans and advocates nationwide. Their goal is to improve quality of life for veterans, their families and the communities where they live.

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Today’s Twitter hits …

Meathead has become the character from “All In The Family” – or maybe he always was. Actually, this is an odd one. President Trump should be impeached because he made a public tweet and, shortly after that, Bibi announced that … Continue reading

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Live: Senate committee holds confirmation hearing for Trump’s Defense secretary pick

The Senate Armed Services committee questions President Trump’s newest Defense Secretary nominee on Capitol Hill. Army Secretary Mark Esper was tapped for the role after Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan pulled his name from the running.

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This morning’s Twitter hits …

What do you think would happen if Biden slapped the President – not that he will ever get the chance. Joe Biden says he's looking forward to a chance to "slap @realDonaldTrump in the mouth" during a presidential debate. "You … Continue reading

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